Stopping the high fraud rate with diamond rings

Unless a person has been involved with some kind of online jewelry business or possibly even a retail jewelry business there is no way to explain how many frauds and scammers there are in this world! Not on this site, but on another site we own the past 5 sales for some kind of a diamond ring have ALL been fraudulent from people using stolen credit cards. It is unfortunate and very costly not only to merchants but to banks and innocent people everywhere.

How does this happen one might ask? One never knows what goes wrong in someone's mind the first time they decide to steal or cheat or lie in an effort to make money but it happens. Crooks use very devious means to steal credit card numbers and other personal identification. We have heard recently that there are actually electronic devices that can "read" your card even when it is in your purse or pocket. And most people do not have the proper know-how to insulate themselves from this type of illegal activity.

Fortunately most banks will stand behind their customers and if they have been cheated in some way though fraud, the bank will reimburse the customer and write-off the loss.

Why diamond rings? We believe it is because they are expensive, hard to trace, and easy to sell on the black market. If a thief can sell a diamond ring valued at $2000 and get a couple of hundred dollars for the trouble - they will do it! So be careful with your credit cards and use only online sites like that are protected with the same encryption that the big banks use and that are monitored as we are with an outside agency like "Security Metrics" whose job it is to analyze and detect any possibility of breakin from the bad guys!