Taking it all in - the dilemma of multiple free offers!

How do you offer $100 Off, a free gift box, free engraving and if you are in the military a free ring as well without overpowering people who are searching for a mens wedding band?

The answer is not simple yet it does make one ponder how to make all of these offerings without being too cluttered and lost in the shuffle. At our site, mens wedding bands, we have this issue currently in that on January 23, 2013 we made just such an offer - never before in the history of the site have we offered so much to our customers - in fact a press release is in the making as we speak.

We have offered $100 off before with great fanfare and wonderful customer acceptance ... who doesn't like to receive a $100 discount on any ring sold? But to combine that offer with the added benefit of the other offerings make it appear too good to be true - at least that is what some customers think.

But it is true. Buy any ring - of platinum, gold, stainless steel, palladium, tunsgten, titanium or cobalt and you will receive the one hundred dollar discount simply by using a coupon code "100" in step 5 of the checkout process. If you or a loved one has ever  served in the military, you will also receive a free ring valued at $200. Plus, free shipping and you guessed it - free engraving which typically costs $35.00. All added together the savings is apx. $347 on each ring!

So if you are in the market and don't want to miss out on these savings you might want to visit the site and make yoru decision TODAY!