The art of buying a wedding ring online

When we talk of the art of the sale online - or should we say the art of buying as it relates to our customers we are really talking about what types of things to keep in mind when buying online - things such as the reputation of the store, their rating with agencies that monitor customer service such as the BBB and of course their pricing strategies and the overall security of the site.

Many sites these days have top notch online security - they have to if they are serious about their business and their customers. At we incorporate a service from Secuirty Metrics to monitor how secure we are on the internet and in fact we are required to pass quarterly tests or risk being fined for non compliance - its these little things that mean a lot when buying online we think.

Another consideration is how many years have they been in business? One year? Three years? At mens wedding bands we have been in business for 10 years in 2013 and consider it an honor to be selling top of the line fashions to the men of the world through over 450 styles - most from sizes 4 to 15.5 including half sizes - that is a whole lot of rings to keep in stock for immediate shipping.

We use USPS primarily in that they are safe and quick - want your ring in 2 days? No problem. Want it free in 7 days - no problem. With USPS we feel we can meet the needs of most customers but we also use FedEx when necessary in cases where we do not have PO boxes or when a customer indicates they would rather have the added security and protection from this most recognizable shipping expert!