What do I do if my diamond falls out of my ring setting?

Have you ever had a nightmare worrying about this question - if my diamond is lost what do I do? Can I get it replaced by the company that sold me the ring? Do I contact my homeowner's insurance company? Am I out the cost of having a local jeweler replace the lost stone? Can I find any help to deal with this issue?

The best place to start - depending when you bought the ring - is to contact the establishment that sold you the ring in the first place. Make sure you have the details of the purchase; i.e., when you bought it, whose name it is under, a receipt if at all possible. They will be able to tell you if the ring/diamond is still under warranty.

Most companies and we are on of the them at mens wedding bands will warranty stones - even if they are lost - for the first year. After that most manufacturers will not warranty lost stones although they might warranty a discoloration or one that broke but not a lost one. Too much can happen with a wedding band that would make the stone loose or fall out altogether. It is for this reason that we highly recommend to our customers that they list their ring - assuming it is one of significant value to justify it - with their homeowner's insurance company in case of damage after the warranty has expired. 

Customers should call us first before they do anything about a lost of damaged stone because we try to help before they have to go somewhere else to get it resolved - particularly if it is within the first year or two.