What to do with a yellow or beige discoloration in your men's diamond wedding band?

When selecting a men's wedding band that includes a genuine diamonds one must be careful in a watchful eye when picking up the final band to include the diamond of your choice that for proper clarity and luster must be bright white and fiery. One can tell a fiery white diamond from a discolor diamond without the aid of any powerful microscope. A fiery white diamond is one that sparkles whether in the sunlight or not. It is one that has luster and through the facet of the cut shines brightly with the luster that can be seen with the naked eye.


Occasionally there are rings produced with very inexpensive diamonds which have colors such as off-white, beige, dirty yellow, that are unsightly even with the naked eye. Again in these conditions one does not need a powerful microscope to determine that the diamond color is poor at best. One should stay away from this type of the diamond not just because of the poor visibility of the diamond but because these types of diamonds tend to get worse over time and will discolor me more the longer you on the diamond.


The best time to catch this is when purchasing it and if one is at the local jewelry store at the mall just be careful to ask the employee what the color of the diamond is if it will turn the discolor and in most cases you can get a written card that will tell you in writing what the color is. Any color that is not I or better is suspect to the yellowing referred to above. In fact the finest colors and diamonds or in the CDE and F range.


When purchasing online this is somewhat more difficult the one can read from the online language what types of diamonds or inserted into the diamond wedding bands. We researched a number of websites including men's wedding which clearly states on this website that all of their rings, with at least I quality color. Knowing this, at least from this side, one should not have a problem with the color quality in any of their diamond wedding bands. Of course if one does have trouble with the color quality of the diamond it should be covered under warranty in most warrantees or for at least a year if not longer. It might be wise to look at the written warranty that comes with your diamond to ascertain the length of time that your precious stone will be covered.