When a woman buys a men's wedding ring ...

When a woman buys a men’s wedding ring, she is buying from the heart

Men buy things based upon emotion – sometimes. Women buy things based upon emotion – oftentimes. When a woman is buying a wedding band for her significant other – the emotion increases! When you THINK about it – this makes sense.

The men’s wedding band has so many emotions inherent in the buying decision. More so than buying a car, or a boat, or a pair of glasses, or even a purse. OK, I understand that a boat is linked to the family and family fun and outings and activities. And, a woman’s purse is not just a show of style but practicality as well and when you add a baby diaper and her favorite perfume, there is some emotion there somewhere. But a wedding band. It doesn’t take much thought to grasp the symbolism in this purchase and most women don’t need to be prodded to consider these deeper meanings and feelings associated with such a purchase.

Of course there are practical considerations such as the size and width of the band. And whether or not a diamond medley is in keeping with both their tastes. Then you have to figure out if the white gold band matches her band more so than the newer contemporary white tungsten. Do you want to have it engraved with a special phrase that has come to signify so much in a growing romance? Finally, do you want to hock the house to make the purchase or do you have the discipline to set and say within a predetermined budget?

Once these boring decisions have been considered and put to bed, the more time can be spent on the emotion of the band. Marriage is, or can be, a long-term proposition and hopefully all who enter into this covenant take it very seriously. Long engagements have always been advise – to ensure that the couple is compatible emotionally, spiritually, financially, in health and in sickness. The ring symbolizes all of this and more – it is a very real, physical, evidence that a commitment has been made between 2 people – a commitment to last. Regardless of the struggles, the hardships, the disagreements along the “dusty road of life”.

The wise woman considers these things – and she buys from the heart.