When the 30 day return policy is critical!

For those shoppers online who think they are purchasing the perfect mens ring but once received they see a whole different product - this is when a return policy is critical! Depending upon the online seller, return policies run from just a week or so up to as long as 90 days but the average is 30 days. This give the purchaser plenty of time to order and receive the ring and then return it for a refund if it does not match their expectations 100%. 

Another aspect of the 30 day return policy - but one that is gaining in popularity - is the return for exchange policy that most legitimate esellers have these days. Simply stated this means that if you do not like your product - be it a mens wedding band or a toaster oven - return it within 30 days for a refund or send it back and receive a different one to peruse.

At the Mens Wedding Bands store we have very few returns for refund. We think part of this reason lies in the fact that the pictures are actually not as dynamic, or as stunning, as the real products once received and worn. We also have an easy way of letting the customer receive a loaner ring if they choose while they are deciding which ring to trade or if they need a new size. These loaner rings are available in sizes 6-16 including half sizes so virtually all customers are satisfied.

We believe you should LOVE the mens wedding ring you purchase. Not just like it or accept it as a nice ring - LOVE it! So rest easy, you can return it for a refund, you can return it for an exchange, or we are happy to send you a loaner ring while you are mkaing up your mind on what to do!