Why have gold rings never lost their cachet?

By cachet we mean its distinction, its reputation, its importance. Gold in a men's ring just seems to always be in style and in demand, regardless of age or price. There just seems to be a huge demand and a number of buyers who buy gold - either white, yellow or some love rose or even two-tone gold

So why the demand - why the popularity? As we all know gold is a precious metal that is somewhat rare - more supplies must be found each year to keep ahead of the demand. But aside from that a well crafted gold mens ring just has the eye-catching appeal that sets it apart from some of the modern, contemporary designs in tungste, titanium, cobalt or ceramic.

On the Mens Wedding Bands site we try to price rings in a category that they will sell in - such as a $99.99 2mm solid gold band that is now on sale. You can't find prices like that most places and retailers with their high overhead always seem to have the highest prices for similar mens gold wedding bands.

So shop carefully, shop smart and we hope you come back to us and let us fit you into just the right gold or platinum or palladium precious metal ring for you!