You guessed it, the ring of your dreams is here!

No it's not gold. And by the way its also not Palladium or platinum or cobalt or stainless steel or tungsten or ceramic, it is made out of titanium. You might say what in the world are you thinking tried to talk me into buying it titanium ring? You might not know this but titanium is almost as strong as tungsten but has the added property of being very easily could have figured into some dynamic and stunning designs in men's wedding rings. Not just that but titanium is typically far less costly to produce them the same ring in Palladium or platinum or white or yellow gold.


Titanium is used on the front face of golf clubs at the impacts bought when the ball hits the club. As one might imagine if that material is not durable and bendable when hitting a golf ball at his swing speed of over 80 miles an hour the material would shatter or band or disfigured to the point of being unusable. Titanium is also used on the outside metal parts of spacecraft as a reentry barrier in extreme heat conditions. Suffice it to say titanium is a metal that has durability at the forefront of the reason for making rings in this material. Titanium is a natural color is somewhat gray in color. But you can also get titanium mixed with black to make it look like a black ceramic and you can also add diamonds or gold or sterling silver to your titanium band.


What do you think you might span for one of these titanium beauties? Let me give you a range of from under $50 to in the neighborhood of $800. Why the difference? The main reason is what type of extra materials or diamonds or inlays you're going to be adding to the titanium and in addition to these inlays what type of design specifications and complexity will be used in the ring. A simple design without inlays should cost under $100. A more complex design with the diamond or two if they are genuine, and adding 18 karat white or yellow gold, will increase the value hundreds of dollars. The larger the size of the ring in most cases the larger the diamond and the more material is used and therefore the higher the cost.


So be prepared to spend according to not just your budget but your taste. If you have expensive taste you'll spend hundreds and like I said even up to near of thousand dollars. One other consideration, when shopping at the local mall it might be wise to find the perfect ring and then go online and see if you can't find it for less money. Chances are you will not only find the exact or very similar ring but for hundreds of dollars less. Good shopping good luck and may the holiday season treat you fairly with you and your family.

17th Dec 2012

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