Your wedding and the new year resolution

Okay you been married for over 10 years and you had the same wedding band for the same period of time and you wonder what may be to decide for your New Year's resolution this year. It down on your ring finger and you see the wedding bands that you born these many years and you wonder what it all means. You reflect upon that special day over 10 years ago placing the wedding band on her finger and then your own with the commitment to fidelity trust and love till death do you part.


The look at it again today after these many years wonder how you been doing. You wonder if there's more to the marriage that could be given to it by a simple resolution this year. You reflect upon how you treated her and how she's treated you and with the addition of three children you wonder if you were as close now as you were then. Questions are hard to answer maybe even harder to ask.


But as you look on your wedding band somewhat tarnished and scratched after these many years symbolic of a life of sometimes stress and hardships arguments making out, you realize that the symbolism of the wedding band a significant particular this time of year.


So this New Year's resolution you say to yourself I will be a better husband I will be more committed I will give more think less of myself more of her. I will spend time with the children and my family first. These resolutions are meaningful their significant to you their commitments and it all started as you rip your finger on your wedding band on this New Year's Day in 2013 and reflect upon what your New Year's resolution could be.