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The Gift For Eternity - Mens Wedding Bands


Seeking a gift that says "never-ending"? One that is symbolic of eternity? One that means forever? One need look no further than a stunning mens wedding band in inlays from wood to dinosaur bone, from diamonds to meteorite. Today's world of fashion is unlike any in the past - there is no end to selections in mens rings that say unique, one-of-a-kind, unlike any other ... and today's man is ready for the change!

To many buyers, a wedding band needs to be under $200.00 which is fine - there are hundreds of fashions in this price range including stores like Amazon and eBay and Overstock. For the daring buyer who has up to $500.00 to spend on their band, you might consider looking for something a little more daring - something that sparkles with excitement and uniqueness. One that says anything but "me too".

Our most popular band on Pinterest is the M740FS pictured below and it is anything but a $200.00 classic mens wedding band. In fact it sells for over a thousand dollars when it is one sale!

This ring as pictured - the M740FS has a wide meteorite band in the middle of two matching blue carbon fiber inlays - it is so unique it is award winning in style and versatility. This ring comes standard in 9 mm but it can be made in a variety of widths and the sizes rand from 4 to 16+ and all the 1/4 and 1/2 sizes in between! So there is really no reason from a size perspective that a person could not wear this beauty. Want platinum instead of titanium as the base metal - no problem. Want it made n cobalt instead of titanium - we can do that. Want the dual carbon fiber inlays to be a different color - say coral instead of baby blue? Yes, we can do that.

And if you are one to like diamonds - what about the Varrius in white gold (pictured below) with about a third of a cwt of stunning white diamonds ... no need to add meteorite to this original beauty! And it can come in a variety of other colors such as rose and yellow gold if white is not your thing. The Varrius contains 9 brilliantly white genuine diamonds and is inlaid in 14 kt white gold - a truly stunning men's band for the ages. One of the many unique traits about this solid gold masterpiece is that the diamonds have a lifetime warranty against falling out - if that happens customers may send the piece back to www.mensweddingbands.com for a replacement at a nominal fee. Worried about needing a different size over time - no worries this amazing wedding bands also comes with a lifetime warranty against any sizing issue although based upon the current price of gold there might be a charge for larger sizes.

Although there are over 500 different styles of elegant mens rings on our site - these pictured above have been singled out in that they occupy a discount fashion niche in mens wedding bands - whether one likes gold, titanium, tungsten or one of the other contemporary metal - you will more than likely be able to find the one you want for a symbol of eternity. In any event, whether you find the perfect solution on our site or somewhere else we hope you find the one that speaks to you - that is perfect.

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