7 mm Titanium with Dinosaur Bone/Gibeon Meteorite - DBM781M

  • 7 mm Titanium with Dinosaur Bone/Gibeon Meteorite - DBM781M
  • 7 mm Titanium with Dinosaur Bone/Gibeon Meteorite - DBM781M
  • 7 mm Titanium with Dinosaur Bone/Gibeon Meteorite - DBM781M
  • 7 mm Titanium with Dinosaur Bone/Gibeon Meteorite - DBM781M
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PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase any of our Exotic Inlay wedding bands, the J095C (click here to view this ring) will be sent to you before we place your order to make sure that the size you have ordered is accurate (please tell us in the Customer Comments section if you would prefer the sizing ring in black tungsten instead of silver). This ring is yours to keep – we recommend you wear it when doing those tough jobs around the house, in the yard or when working out with weights – thus protecting your one-of-a-kind custom inlay ring. This service, which includes the J095C and the shipping is free of charge. Questions? Please call 801-755-1661 or email 

7 mm with Matte Finish Titanium, includes 2 mm Gibeon Meteorite, .5 mm Titanium, 2 mm Crushed Dinosaur Bone, .5 mm Titanium, and 2 mm Meteorite, with Comfort Fit. This custom meteorite ring comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. 

Note: This is a special Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite Collectible Ring - This exotic inlay collection is the most prestigious of all of our collections - rings are made by hand, no two the same and all are made with exotic real materials. There are no other rings on our site that are made with the care and precision as rings within the Exotic Inlay Collection.

Gibeon is a meteorite that fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. It was named after the nearest town: Gibeon, Namibia. The term Gibeon encompasses the whole meteoritic material fallen from the sky during this fall. This material is classified as iron meteorite belonging to the chemical group IVA. Gibeon meteorites are composed of an iron-nickel alloy containing significant amounts of cobalt and phosphorus. The crystal structure of this meteorite provides a classic example of fine octahedrite and the Widmanstatten pattern is appreciated for its beauty both by collectors and designers of jewelry.

Small imperfections, marks, inclusions are part of the meteorite's formation as they travel through space and make this material unique and beautiful. Your ring will truly be a one-of-a-kind creation! Meteorite is iron-based and can rust, particularly if exposed to acid. However, we offer Lifetime Meteorite Ring Protection which means you will wear your Meteorite ring care-free. For a small fee you can send us your Meteorite ring for cleaning and re-etching and we'll do our best to make your jewelry look like new! There are no refunds allowed on "M" series collectible rings in that each ring is made by hand, in your size, and no two are ever alike.  

Please allow 4-6 weeks for handcrafted creation and delivery.

These exotic inlay rings are made with aircraft grade five titanium. This high grade of titanium is the most durable grade available. Titanium is best known for its durability and light weight. Titanium is commonly used in aerospace and sporting goods. It has a dark gray color similar to tungsten. Titanium is hypoallergenic and biocompatible. Titanium is a great choice for someone who is looking for a lighter weight ring. 

This collection carries a one-year warranty and each ring is a collectible, handcrafted and unique in every detail - no two are like. 

Dinosaur bone is very rare; it is an agatized stone called Gembone, the color is determined by the combination of minerals present when the fossilized bone formed; that’s what makes each piece so unique and beautiful. This is one reason why our stock is always changing, as we use what we have and then have to acquire more; however we are not always sure what the color will be of the new piece till we cut into the Gembone. One of a kind? Absolutely!!

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