​Extraordinary Wedding Rings for Men – A Brief Look at the Details

​Extraordinary Wedding Rings for Men – A Brief Look at the Details

It is the bride’s wedding ring which gets all the attention at the time of a wedding. Couples spend days looking at rings, trying to find the right one for the big event. Usually, here the bride does all the work, and the groom just stands aside in futile attempt to appear interested in the process of ring search.

However, most of the times, people overlook a critical side of the story – the groom's wedding band. Though unelaborated and non-descriptive, the groom’s band still holds a special place in the wedding ceremony.

Shopping for groom’s wedding ring usually ends with the couple finding a companion ring for the groom which would match the bride’s wedding ring. Sometimes people do not put that much of effort either. They pick what looks pleasant to eyes.

This approach usually does not work for an important reason. Most men do not wear any jewelry other than the band. That is why the only jewelry they wear makes a real difference for the appearance. When you think from this perspective, the groom’s wedding band would not be a mere go-along piece of jewelry anymore. It will emerge out to be something of greater importance.

Therefore, decide to step beyond the matching rings, and try to search for a band which would help you make a style statement. When you begin the search, you will find a vast array of options available in the men’s wedding band section.

A Little on Mens Wedding Bands

The tale of wedding band exchange goes way back. If you explore the history of Egypt, you will find that the Egyptian couples are the trendsetters of band exchange. The ceremony marked the unending love for each other. This romance still adds spice to the wedding ceremonies.

Considerations to Make

Now, comes the question of picking the right mens wedding bands. What to look for is the central issue which everyone addresses when it comes to this piece of jewelry. Well, there is a lot that you need to consider when picking up the groom's band.

Color plays a significant role in bestowing uniqueness upon a band. Yes, the traditional concept is to wear a plain gold band on your ring finger. However, to be a little different, you can opt for something unique. Band color can spice things up for you. So, to find the right wedding ring for the groom, you need to start looking for the color.

The obvious choice of color comes in black right after gold or silver. You will find a plethora of black wedding rings available in the market. In fact, you will find a diverse range of men’s wedding ring in black if you explore our website. The 8 mm patented Black Tungsten wedding bands for men come in a unique pattern and comfortable fit. The vibrant color of the ring is sure to turn heads towards your ring finger.

For a unique approach, you can try cobalt as well. This scratch resistant metal is light and strong. The best feature of cobalt wedding ring is the appearance. It looks rich and luxurious, and it comes at a more affordable price. However, there is a catch. Cobalt rings are difficult to resize. When the need arises, you might find that the ring cannot be resized at all. If you are ready to look past this one, you can easily go for cobalt wedding rings for men for a more appealing wedding ring experience.

Rose gold is another color which you might like to try out. However, rose gold might strike little too feminine as this color is used in bride’s wedding rings. Despite the standard styles being feminine, you may be able to find masculine wedding rings available that come in rose gold. Most of the rose gold rings are dual tones. Rose gold fills out the heart of the ring while white gold creates the edge. That is not every man's wedding ring. However, if you are confident about pulling the looks off, you can give it a try.


The texture is the second quality to focus on. For a masculine look, most of the grooms look for hand forged rings. These bands usually come with a rugged look that both catches the eyes and adds a layer of style on the groom. Such rings are easy to fashion with attires. A suit or denim, you can pull this type of ring with any variety of ensemble. The only catch is the cost. Such rings can be expensive.

Hammered texture is another unique choice for a masculine wedding ring. These rings come with rough surfaces. The rugged demeanor of the band adds to the masculine charm which you can easily use for your benefit.

The other option for men is pipe cut wedding ring. This style is becoming common among grooms. The appearance of the ring adds excellent contrast when placed beside a feminine ring. Pipe cut comes without the traditional round edge. The lack of roundness adds to the masculinity of the pipe cut ring.


It is another important consideration which might make or break your wedding ring selection. The problem with men’s wedding ring is that the use of stone can look odd. However, this does not mean men's rings cannot be adorned with gems. Some men prefer subtle stone decoration on their wedding ring. However, the secret of stone studded men’s wedding ring hides in the subtleness. It should not have a gaudy effect. For a gem-adorned wedding ring, you can easily go for the diamond. A well cut small diamond placed on white Tungsten band can add to the elegant masculine charm.

There are choices everywhere. You will be delighted to find that even men's wedding ring section displays a great collection. All you need to do is give it some time. The wedding ring selection should not be the last minute task if you want to pick the best one.

25th Aug 2020

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