How much to pay for shipping online for a mens wedding ring?

For you savvy and educated online shoppers who made it a habit to find the best deals the best prices the best quality merchandise all that fantastic savings online versus the overpriced and highly expensive big-box retailers and mall locations, how much are you willing to pay for online shipping and is it really impact your decision on where you're going to buy your online merchandise? We have seen men's rings shipping for free we have seen men's wedding bands shipping for $15 for priority mail service and we have seen the same type-tungsten rings in a variety of styles and sizes-shipping for over $35 using FedEx overnight. So what are you willing to pay? Are there stores that ship for free even the most expensive methods of shipping? Does this impact from whom you will buy? Is the length of time it takes to receive your merchandise all that important to you? Do you trust the store online who will ship FedEx at no extra charge more than you would charge someone who charges a small fee and uses the post office?


For example there is an online site called selling men's rings primarily in that category, instead of ladies rings, and heavily discounted prices. However it is rare that you will ever receive one of their wedding rings using free shipping. There is some sort of the fee involved even if it's under three dollars. Would you still buy from this site even if the ring were of tremendous value or would you keep looking until you found the site that was willing to ship your ring using a more secure method such as FedEx at a discounted price or for free?


The men's wedding bands dot COM site is an example of a site offering all methods of shipping even internationally and varying price points. You can have it for free if you're willing to wait up to seven days in the United States and up to 21 days to receive it internationally in countries such as Australia, Canada, and elsewhere. They charge $15 for what they call expedited priority mail which means the man's band is shipped to their location in Utah overnight, inspected and packaged, and then resent using USPS priority mail service. This is a rather unique way of shipping and the ring is typically in the purchasers hands within four days from the date of order. This method allows the ring to be inspected carefully before shipping to the one purchasing it.


Men's wedding has only lost one ring in its many years of service using USPS in the United States and all rings are sent signature required, wherever possible, to ensure that the customer is protected as well as the company. FedEx today and one day services are also available at this online seller.

26th Dec 2012

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