Mens Rings – A Symbol of Love and Commitment That Binds Two Souls on The Wedding Day!

Mens Rings – A Symbol of Love and Commitment That Binds Two Souls on The Wedding Day!

When you sit down to reflect on the life spent with your spouse after many years of happy association, you are sure to recall the wedding ceremony as the most cherished moment of your life. Besides providing beautiful memories that fill a happy married life, wedding ceremonies serve many other purposes. The wedding day is an open display of the marital contract between the couple, and it occurs in full view of the public that also witnesses the marriage vows that bind the lovers. Many couples look at the wedding ceremony as a demonstration of their love and commitment that manifests in the bands for men and wedding rings for women. Today's men are ready to spend time and think carefully before buying bands so that buying it does not turn into a stressful exercise.

Knowing what to consider before hitting the jewelry store or browsing the most extensive online portal such as is the only way to make the buying experience the most pleasing one. It applies to all kinds of buyers whether you are buying it for yourself or the bride wants to choose it for you. The unique criterion for the selection of bands is that both the groom and the bride should like it in the same way, and it further highlights the need for preparing well before buying. In this article, you will find some helpful tips that tell you about the things you should consider for buying the wedding ring that you would cherish through your lifetime.

Consider the groom’s personality

Each wedding ring has a distinctive appeal that should be matching with the temperament of the groom. The style and design that men prefer determine the type of band that would complement the personality of the wearer. Those who maintain a traditional style would prefer to stick to gold wedding ring or the silver ones. The classic appeal of the gold band is genuinely timeless, and it is never out of fashion while silver bands are also quite attractive and appealing.

Some may prefer adding gemstones and diamonds to the design to add glitz to the band. For making it look colorful, using colored gems is a good option. The choice of color, whether it is bold and exciting or calm and soothing would again depend on the personality and style preferences. A few unobtrusive diamonds could be the choice of a reserved person while those who prefer flashy looks would like to have some intricate design. Choosing alternative metals like tungsten and titanium or even more offbeat materials like meteorite, wood or dinosaur bone are signs of a modern man who is ready to break free from tradition.

Choose metals according to the lifestyle

Durability is a prime consideration in deciding which metal would be most suitable. Since bands are for constant wear, the longevity depends as much on the properties of the metal as on the lifestyle of the person wearing the ring. Consider if the lifestyle of the groom involves activities that could potentially damage the ring. Choose a metal that could withstand the stress without affecting the appearance or shape of the ring. When thinking about durability, choose a hard and sturdy but lightweight metal because a dense ring can often be uncomfortable to wear. If you prefer to use stones in the design, you should pay attention to the additional weight. Also, depending on the activities that the wedding band has to withstand, decide whether to use stones at all as it may fall off.

Think about the cost

People like to splurge on their wedding day, and most couples hate to set boundaries. However, having a budget is essential if you do not want to spend unnecessarily. While personality and lifestyle are the primary considerations during the selection of rings, the budget is also something that influences the choice. For conservative budgets, start your search from tungsten wedding rings, then move on to silver, and if you are willing to spend more, have a look at titanium wedding bands. The advantage of gold is that even lower karat bands look bright and shining without revealing its purity. If you want gold substitute at a comparable price, palladium bands would be the ideal choice. For those who want to spend a whopping sum on the ring, platinum bands would be perfect.

The religious and cultural angle

Although men’s bands are exclusive wedding jewelry, sometimes they have religious and cultural links attached to them. In some culture and religions, people have strong beliefs about marriage that also reflects in the wedding bands. The band acquires particular significance when it bears the symbols and marks of some religion or culture that imparts a unique meaning to the jewelry. One example would be the Claddagh ring worn by an Irish groom. If the groom has close religious and cultural attachments, it must reflect in the band design that upholds the underlying message of love, commitment, and marriage.

Professional sizing is must for comfort

The band must be comfortable. Choosing the right size is crucial to determining how comfortable the wearer would be. Even if you know the size, consider going to a jeweler to be sure. Resizing the ring later will require money and a couple more, trips to the jewelry store. Moreover, you would also have to part with the ring for some time, which you may not like. Some metals such as tungsten and ceramic are not suitable for resizing at all, and even if possible, the engraving on the ring might get damaged. Verifying the size is the easy way to avoid these problems.

Make sure that your choice complements the preference of the bride. The beauty of bands for men magnifies many more times when they pair well with the wedding rings of the brides, and that exemplifies the happy union of two souls.

25th Aug 2020

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