What is in vogue these days in mens wedding rings?

What is in vogue these days in mens wedding bands?

As a general rule of thumb this question really needs to be left answered to the purchaser of the ring in that a beauty of this kind truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. Although this may sound like an overused and possibly tried statement it is true that when picking out a diamond wedding band whether or not there is one solitaire diamond, with or without a suspension design, or a medley of diamonds in a unique and eye-catching design, the finished product should be left to the discernment and desire enjoy of the purchaser. With this said, there are a few things to look for when considering solitaire diamonds in a man's band.


A single diamond in a men's wedding band is important from a balance perspective and must be considered when purchasing this type of the band. There are so many men's wedding bands on the market these days that are 7 to 8 to 9 mm thickness and yet have very tiny carat weights of diamonds that are five point or less. This type of design leaves something to be desired particularly from a balance perspective. A wide ring with a tiny diamond looks very unbalanced and in some cases downright cheap.


So when choosing a solitary diamond make sure that you take special care to determine how the ring will look on the finger and if there's enough balance between the width of the ring in the size of the diamond. It is our recommendation that for every millimeters thickness of the ring there should be a corresponding one point size of the diamond. For example if you are choosing a 6 mm ring, a six point diamond minimum should be used in the finished product. And if one is considering an 8mm ring for proper balance at least an eight point diamond or larger preferably 10 point diamond or larger should be used in this wider type of ring.


Now of course the size of the men's hand and fingers will take place when considering proper balance, the overall balance will be a strong consideration when one keeps in mind the thicknesses carat weights mentioned above. A jewelry store that is been in business for quite some time and has properly trained personnel can also give guidance and purchasing a men's band relative to the balance on once finger. It is highly recommended that a person gets a second opinion if you don't have a proper feel for how the finished product will look. Another important feature when purchasing, particularly online, is to find out how long the return policy is. Most legitimate online retailers these days have at least a 30 day return policy so that if perchance you purchased a diamond wedding band with the balance problem it could be returned or exchanged for a different ring of your choice.

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2nd Jan 2013

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