2015 Guide to Men's Wedding Rings

2015 Guide To Men’s Wedding Rings


The name might be somewhat misleading when you think about it – Men’s Wedding Rings – because many women purchase rings from our site to wear themselves and many women purchase bands for their spouse. It is not simply a man’s ring! But that’s the name of our website so we’ll just flow with it!

A ring or a wedding band is a very personal item. For most it means more than the purchase price, more than the color or the size or the material it is made of. It is symbolic and the symbolism is real and personal and provides a sense of long lastingness – almost an eternalness if you will. We tend to look at each band this way – engraved or not – it is personal and means far more than a person’s car or clothes, even more than a home in some respects. When you really think about it, what do we ever buy that has more meaning than a wedding ring? Does a set of new golf clubs or a knife or a pair of fancy shoes even come close? We don’t think so.

With this mindset one can appreciate the care and thought and respect that goes into purchasing the right men’s wedding bands for the store. They are not the cheapest, they are not the most expensive, they have meaning and class and we think they must be stunning to make it onto our site. Many are award-winning, but that said, that does mean that they necessarily make it onto the site just because they won an award. They have to be unique and timeless and provide the sense of ownership that says “eternity – never ending – symbolic”.

Understood that not all rings will be worn with this type of symbolic meaning – some will be worn as a beautiful piece of jewelry, a decorative masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind fashion piece. But if we look through the lens of eternity – we make better buying decisions as a company and we feel we provide our customers with more of a timeless piece of jewelry that can withstand the test of time. We highlight one such ring below … we think it represents the strength of our brand and provides a window into what we term “unique in every way”.


This model, the G119M is made with a material that is more expensive than solid Gold. Yes, Gibeon Meteorite has a higher market value than Gold because it is so rare. Fortunately it does not take too much of the Meteorite material to fashion into a stunning ring such as this but whoever wears it realizes that he or she is wearing a true ONE-OF-A-KIND, handmade exquisite masterpiece by one of the world’s most renowned artisans.

The Materials that Make a Men’s Wedding Ring – is one Really Better than Another?

Speaking of materials such as Gold, Meteorite, Exotic Hard Wood, Sterling Silver, Platinum, Tungsten, Titanium and the rest of the contemporary metals one eventually has to ask the question – how important is the material that my ring is made of?

We have all heard of Tungsten because it is so prevalent in today’s ring industry. And for good reason. Compare it on the Mohs Hardness Scale to Solid Gold and it is ten times harder than Gold! But so what – is this reason enough to buy it? Well, that is a personal decision but there are some characteristics that one should know about before buying a Tungsten ring because it is so scratch-resistant. Notice we did not say scratch proof. Scratch-resistant. We know of no metal on the earth that is scratch proof. So why all the fuss over Tungsten … for one reason in addition to it being extremely scratch-resistant it is heavy and hard and durable. A man’s ring if there ever was one. Studies indicate that for the man who is the true outdoorsman, who loves being in nature hunting, fishing, working with his hands and the like – the Tungsten brand is sure fit because one you buy one of these unique rings it holds it shine and luster almost indefinitely!

One drawback, it is so hard and so heavy that if it is dropped on a hard surface it might crack into small pieces. We have them returned to us from time to time because they have been dropped and they didn’t make it! One of the important reasons to make sure that whoever you are buying from offers a full lifetime warranty against even these types of accidents. At our sites – all tungsten rings carry lifetime warranties. With only one exception – “M” series wedding rings that are handmade and unique in every way – the ones that are made for the customer in every instance (not in stock and made by machines) – these carry a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Titanium and Cobalt are very similar to the characteristics of Tungsten as mentioned above with one or two major differences. First, only Tungsten has the hardness to break when it is dropped, the other contemporary metals, while hard and scratch resistant, will not shatter of dropped. And Titanium and to a lesser extent Cobalt are lighter than Tungsten so if the one you love is looking for a band that can be seen but not felt it might be wise to try some of the other contemporary metals such as Sterling Silver, Cobalt, Vitalium and Titanium.


Shown above, the K121M is a Titanium band with a seamless Hawaiian KOA wood inlay that is made by hand and no two are very the exact same. From our most popular Exotic Inlay Collection – don’t like wood? How about Dinosaur Bone, Meteorite, or Antler from a white-tailed deer or a Caribou? One of them is sure to please the man in your life.

Colors and Styles of Men’s Bands.

White, blue, black, gray, silver, gold, brown, red, blue. Yes, we have that. Virtually every color band is available if you look long enough and with over 700 different styles you just might find the color you have been searching for!


This style in black & blue Opal is an eye-catcher, a stunning masterpiece made in the islands for us that includes a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects and a complete lifetime warranty against sizing changes over time.


Speaking of colors – how about a rainbow on your finger? Custom made with exotic woods and no seams – this stunning ring is truly a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

There are as many styles as there are colors – maybe even more. We have tried to list some of them below but the list is as endless as the colors in the rainbow when you consider small and unique customizations that can be included into so many rings these days.

Apart from color, there are yet more ways to pick the ring you prefer. Some styles are traditional, others more alternative. When buying tungsten rings, there is a little something for just about everybody.

Classic Pipe Cut.

The true pipe cut style is a rather simple yet popular style that is as easy to make as it is to place on your finger. Literally, it stems from how they are made – they are cut from a pipe of material (Gold, Tungsten, Cobalt, etc.) and then fashioned into a stylish and comfortable ring. Classic, simple, yet effective as a ring – you can add engravings, stones, and other inlays to make them appear even more fashionable. On the less expensive end of the price spectrum.


You might thing of personalizing your ring through an inscription but what we mean with engraving is to create a unique, custom look to an otherwise simple design by engraving the material. Sometimes referred to as 3-dimentional, these engraved rings can be on the top end of the pricing schedule but can also be more mid-range as the Struga show below.



We have had a great time creating an entire collection of inlays in men’s wedding bands – you will see these under the Exotic Inlay Collection on our site. These are fun rings. Stunning. Most are one-of-a-kind. They range from many, many styles and patterns or wood to gold inlays, dinosaur bone inlays, meteorite inlays, antler inlays and Mokume Gane. Fashionable? Some of the finest on our sites. They also range in price from about the $400.00 range into the thousands depending upon the type of inlay desired.

We included the C103M in Mokume Gane to give you a peek into the world of fashion that this style brings to the world.



Can you have a website with over 700 rings and not include a Celtic style? We think not. Celtic rings date back thousands of years and depict an art-form that is as unusual as it is current and modern. The Celtic patterns seem to never go out of style even after these many years.

Hammered Texture.

We debated on whether or not to include a whole new category just to hammered texture but decided to do so in that there are so many styles using this unique and trendy fashion statement. We have included one of our most popular hammered rings below called the L288C made by Triton in New York. This beauty comes with a factory originated lifetime warranty on sizing as well as defects and it is made of Tungsten – which means it should last as long as you own it and look like the day you first received it.


Brushed and Polished.

We have 500 rings that can change in style like a Chameleon lizard changes colors simply by changing the way the finish is applied when the ring is competed. Brushed, polished, satin finishes and more.

A brushed finish looks like the Gold, or Silver was brushed on with a paintbrush – you can see little line in the product suggesting a “brushed” finish. See the J095C below for a true brushed finish design.

And of course a polished finish is one in which it is highly polished, shinny, and looks like it just came out of the finishing booth!

Precious Stones.

Diamonds – in white or black. Sapphires in black or blue. Take your pick and select yoru style because the precious stone market is hot and fashionable.

One of our most popular models with black diamonds is shown below. Handmade. Precise. Clean. Please allow up to 2 weeks to craft tis eye-catching beauty!



Sizing can be a challenge when buying online unless you do what so many shoppers are doing these days – they go into one of their favorite local retail outlets that sell jewelry and try on a variety of bans. Over and over and over until the right size is found. Most styles come in full, half and quarter sizes for you convenience.

We carry a wide variety of sizes but most rings are available in the following sizes and if you see one that you like and need it in a different size, please contact us to see of it might be available in the size you need:

4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15, 15.5 and 16 with a large variety in ¼ sizes as well.

Another popular solution to the sizing conundrum is to have the seller send you a “sizing ring” to make sure that the size you have ordered is accurate “before” they order your ring. The popular J095C pictured below is one we use when we are sizing a customer this way – they receive the ring in a few days and once they try it on they call us and tell us how it fit. Simple as that!


How to choose the Right Men’s Band.

The most important point while buying men’s bands is to be comfortable with your decision.

What do we mean by this? Did you set a budget? If you did, did you stick to it and not go over it just because one of your family members liked it better than the one you could afford.

What about the material? Are you one who loves to work with your hands and work outside and are a rough and “get after it” type of person? Why would you buy a Gold or a Silver ring if this is the case? They will tend to scratch and show marks and mars far more than the harder, contemporary rings that can be purchased at a fraction of the price.

Are you buying for the right reasons? Is this ring to show respect and commitment or is to impress and show fashion? Not to say that fashion is wrong – it is not – but why go over budget to impress a friend when spending half the price would fit YOU better in the long run?

And it is VERY important that if the ring is truly a band that the decision be made with both parties involved and as much in agreement as possible. If it is to symbolize love and togetherness, then do not let a silly disagreement over style or color or stones make the entire decision one that is regretted over time.

Think long-term. Think union. Think commitment. Think budget. Ask the right questions. Be wise and spend wisely. Think about your lifestyle and how best to protect the ring you are purchasing. And if needed, call the store you are purchasing it from and get their advice. If they are honest enough to earn your business they should be honest enough to give you clear and concise and honest solutions to your questions. They are the experts – don’t leave them out of the decision-making equation

Why Comfort Fit?

We debated about placing this topic under “Choosing the Right Men’s Band” in that a Comfort Fit band is almost always the best choice! Why? First, let’s define what we mean by a “comfort fit” band. This is the process whereby the manufacturer polishes or etches out the inner and outer portions of the ring so that it slides over the knuckle easier. Virtually ALL contemporary bands and even precious metal bands are now comfort fit. All of ours are. In general, a comfort fit band is sized about a ½ size down from a non-comfort fit band so make sure when you are getting sized that you pay attention to the type of fit the sizing ring is – ask the right question – is this a comfort fit band? If not, ask to try on a comfort fit band. In the long run it will pay big dividends.

Years ago – comfort fit rings were not available but now almost all rings are available in this new and comfortable style. Insist upon it – you will be delighted that you did.

Caring for Your Men’s Band.

Caring for your precious, personal purchase is critical to making sure it lasts as long as the marriage vows do – even longer as it can be passed along to your posterity. While so many rings can be cleaned and cared for using a simple damp cloth care must be taken with precious stones to ensure they are not discolored or even loose.

We recommend taking your ring to an authorized jeweler every few years for a thorough cleaning and to make sure stones are tight and secure.

If you have purchased an Exotic Inlay from one of our collections – it might be well to contact us every few years to make sure you are preserving your ring in the correct manner. We can advise on care and cleaning depending upon the style you are wearing. A Meteorite ring has iron in it and it can rust even though we protect all of these rings from the factory. There is a special way to clean off any rust that gathers on the ring and we can advise on the best way to do so.

This being said, most rings need little, frequent care, they just need attention from time to time to ensure that stones are not loose and that scratches that are visible can be removed by a polishing machine if they are precious metals such as Gold, Platinum, Palladium or Silver.


We hope this has helped you in some way to think through this decision as to which band you are purchasing for your life. We also hope you cannot just live with your decision but LOVE with your decision. Yes, we sell men’s wedding bands and have done so for a long, long time but what we are really in the business of providing is a symbol of love and commitment to last a lifetime. And we need to live with what we sell and the commitments we make each day as customers trust us with their business. It is an honor to serve you, to help you and hopefully to make your special day the most memorable day of your life. We wish you every happiness.

Men’s Wedding Bands, Since 2003

About the Author.

Ron Johnson is one of the owners of this site and the name of the family company is Tayloright LLC – named after his son – Taylor Johnson. Taylor created the business in 2008 after Ron lost his corporate job. As luck and good fortune would have it, a family business was started after this “tragedy” of a lost job. Since that time more and more websites have either been purchased or created by the family and the enterprise has grown steadily each year.

The slogan that governs our business transactions is a simple one – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This translates into timely communication, working only with reputable manufacturers, selling at fair prices, and ensuring that products are inspected for quality before being shipped as promised to all customers.

We feel that being rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau is a reminder that when a company puts customers first, the business thrives. That is our goal – YOU come first. Thank you for trusting us with your business!

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