​A Buyer’s Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings

A Buyer’s Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands

If you’re getting married, one of the most important decisions facing you right now surely has to be buying the perfect men’s wedding band for yourself. A lifetime of love and commitment is what your wedding ring symbolizes. You band will stay with you forever. Thus it is important that you get a band that you can be proud of. Here is a buying guide which will help you in your men’s band search so that you’re able to choose a fitting one for yourself.


You may call Gold the traditional wedding jewelry metal. While gold is yellow in its natural form, rose or white gold can be created by alloying it with other metals. However, be careful when alloying low karat gold with other metals as the jewelry can easily get tarnished. On the other hand, this would not be the case with high-karat gold but working every day with your gold ring on will make it susceptible to scratches. You can add your initials onto the band as engraving gold bands is easy.


The natural white gleam of platinum makes it the most precious metal setting it apart from the rest. Nickel and zinc are also included in the alloy. Platinum is highly susceptible to scratches as it is a soft metal and polishing may be required after some time to restore its natural gleam.


The true beauty of silver is showcased by a polished finish as it’s one of the most ordinary yet popular metals. Compared to other precious metals like platinum and gold; silver is quite affordable. The purest form of silver is sterling silver which is definitely what you want as your silver wedding band. Polishing is required by silver more often than other metals as it tarnishes easily. You may protect your silver band with plating for a while but with time it will surely wear out.


A lightweight and durable metal, titanium has a more subtle look than gold or platinum. A hypoallergenic metal, titanium manages to maintain its original appearance for a long period of time due to its discoloration and tarnish-resistant nature. However, the luster of platinum, silver and gold cannot be matched by titanium.


The best thing about ceramic men’s wedding band is that over time its rich color does not fade and it manages to maintain its glossy finish. A hypoallergenic lightweight metal, ceramic is resistant to scratches. Ceramic Men’s wedding rings are brittle despite the hard nature of the metal. Ceramic Men’s band may shatter if it suffers a high impact shock as a result of being thumped against a hard surface.

These are the men’s wedding rings you can choose from. However, before you decide upon any one of these bands it is essential that you know your ring size to avoid any inconvenience once you’ve bought it., Since 2003

14th Apr 2015

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