Are the new mens tungsten wedding rings really as durable as they say they are?

Are the new mens tungsten wedding bands really as durable as they say they are?

Tungsten carbide rings have a reputation for being the most durable, bullet-proof, mens rings on the planet. How did they get that reputation? Can they break? Can they be scratched? Do they deserve not only their sterling reputation but do they really have their long-term place in men’s fashions secured?

First of all, there is not a ring anywhere in existence that cannot be broken or damaged or scratched. Never going to happen. Even tungsten carbide will scratch and if dropped on a hard floor – like tile- can shatter in many pieces. So it might be best to first of set our expectations properly. Products, like humans, have certain life expectancies. They get old. They look old. They will eventually show wear and tear and even a few wrinkles!

With that said, this new metal is truly 10 times harder than gold. Four times harder than titanium. And the long lasting shine and scratch “resistant” properties are legendary for a reason: they are really hard to scratch and they look better longer and look newer than virtually any other ring on the market.

If one takes care of this ring made from tungsten carbide, it truly, literally should last a lifetime and show far less wear than any other material known to man. For that reason, and the moderate price tag, these new ring fashions are fast becoming “the” ring to buy.

Mens tungsten wedding bands - yes, they meet the durability test!!

1st Jun 2012

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