Budgeting for Your Wedding is More Than Picking The Right Mens Rings

Budgeting for Your Wedding is More Than Picking The Right Mens Rings

You hear wedding bells, the businesses of the nuptial industry see dollar signs. From the engagement to the wedding, there are hundreds of plans, backup plans, backup-backup plans and so on. Even then, there are quite a few aspects the to-be-married couples miss out. We often just count the basic expenses that include the venue, photographer, cake, and dress. But is that enough? Even the red wedding had more to the plan!

Here are a few expenses very few smart couples include to keep their wedding on schedule and glitch-free:

Expenses before the wedding day

Engagement ring

This is a big expense for the traditional couple. The average engagement ring can cost about $30,000 for the millennial lovers. Engagement rings are the first solid investment for many couples, who want to start a life together. Therefore, it is quite justified when they want to splurge a little on their ring choices. Currently, men's engagement ring designs are a huge thing, and you should check out the pocket-friendly ones here before you move further down the list.

Bachelor party/bachelorette party

What is a wedding without the pre-wedding parties? Include a lot of bad spending decisions, unaccountable checks, and glitter-fueled drinks. Dinner, getaways and the classic Vegas parties can create quite the dent in your wedding budget. It is always smarter to keep pre-wedding party budget separate from your wedding budgets.

License costs

No matter which state you live in, getting a marriage license costs money. The application fee ranges between $25 and $100 depending on your location, but this expense is simply unavoidable if you want to marry traditionally with a priest or a minister, registration, and witnesses. Without the license, you will have no document to support the "I Do's."

Postage costs

Most couples send out invites online these days. That is a great way to save money and ensure that people receive your invite too. Others create websites for their marriage and keep the RSVP option online too. Now, each party has a grandma or a great aunt who lives far off in the south or maybe in Europe. How to get the message across to them? There are a few expenses very few smart couples include to keep their wedding on schedule and glitch-free. There are a few budgeting rules that even professional wedding planners swear by. Take a look and plan yours smoothly. You may go ahead and set a date with your local post office to find out about how much budget you need to keep aside for extra postage.


Dress rehearsals save a lot of discomfort on the final day. However, getting designer dresses and tuxedos to fit just right takes extra money. Tailoring costs can vary from $10 to $100 depending on the designer cum tailor. Start your first fitting about four months before your wedding. Watch what you eat! Any drastic change in diet will reflect on your body and the fit of the dress.

Wedding rings are not always perfect. Sometimes people need several rehearsals with their rings to find the perfect fit too. Now, whether you have chosen a gold band or a platinum band for yourself or classic solitaire on rose gold design, you will need to check the fit of it on your finger and your groom's finger. You do not want rings to slip off during the hubbub of your wedding day!

Return gifts

Just like other courteous couples, if you want to thank your friends and family for thoughtful gifts, plan this carefully. Giving gifts of equal value to all guests costs money. While planning the wedding, you should always consider the budget of your "thank you gifts" before finalizing the finances.

Expenses on the wedding day

How will you get there?

The picture perfect day needs a picture ideal entrance. Limo, Uber or horse carriage, the choice of transport remains yours, but you need to include this cost in the wedding budget as well. We cannot expect you to carry your everyday purse with your bridal dress or your tux! However, you cannot expect a wedding guest to pay for your nuptial ride either. Pre-book your transport, take account of usual and unusual traffic and pay in advance for a stress-free and smooth ride.

Tax, service charge, insurance costs

Believe it or not! Uncle Sam does need you to pay taxes even on the day you get married. Some venues will add service charges for audio equipment, special lights, or even to allow outside food and drinks. Be sure to make room for these charges within your wedding budget. Then there are gratuities, rental fees and vendor charges that you will have to pay to your florists, baker, caterers, and corkage.

For some high-end venues, couple insurance is compulsory. Not having event insurance can be a deal breaker. So, check with the venue and their HR before you pay your non-refundable deposit. Also, check your renter's insurance and homeowner's insurance, since you may have the added insurance already!

Name change costs

This is true for the bride and the groom. No matter who wishes to change their surname, they have to pay handsomely for updating the information all across the driver's license, IDs, and passport. This fee usually varies by the state. For all passports the Government of USA has issued in less than one year, there are no fees for updating a change of name/surname. You just need a copy of your marriage certificate for approval of the change.

The best way to design a budget cushion for yourself is by allocating at least 10% of your wedding budget for the "overheads." The unexpected but quite compulsory expenses can range from the ones we have mentioned above to emergency dry-cleaning, paying for damage at the venue, booking extra hotel rooms for guests who have not RSVP-ed, tipping the DJ, paying gratuity to the florists and the baker, and for vendors services (vendor meals and return gifts). 

25th Aug 2020

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