​Contemporary Mens Wedding Rings

Contemporary Mens Wedding Bands

When the term contemporary mens bands is used, people typically refer to all wedding bands that are not made of gold or silver or platinum or palladium, etc. Contemporary bands are those made in a more contemporary timeframe – meaning a modern or recent inclusion into fashion jewelry. Generally we speak of tungsten, titanium, ceramic, and cobalt as contemporary mens wedding rings. We will explore these 4 categories below.

We are finding that more and more men are buying pairs of rings for themselves as partners. We also are finding that men and women enjoy buying in pairs as well.

Titanium Mens Wedding Bands:

Titanium is the number one choice currently for shoppers for it’s more current or urban look in contemporary metal jewelry. Titanium is also hypoallergenic (unlike some tungsten varieties) and has the ability to withstand scratches and mars more so than precious metal jewelry – it is therefore perfect for men who work in tough synthetic conditions or who work with their hands in various trades such as machining, yard care, mechanical engineering and so forth. And as mentioned, like tungsten, it is practically indestructible. Titanium bands are available in numerous styles and therefore appeal to a wide and diverse audience.


Tungsten Mens Wedding Bands:

A recent expansion to our metal alternatives during the course of the last few years, is assuming control of men's jewelry – the new decade of tungsten mens rings. Tungsten Carbide is heavier than titanium and offers the benefit of being almost indestructible and scratch-resistant, and has what is referred to as a permanent shine or luster. This metal is beautifully dark gray and not at all like the more traditional metals such as white gold, silver, and platinum. Nonetheless, men have acclaimed these durable eye-catching qualities which symbolize their own particular manliness and quality in their marriage.


Ceramic Mens Wedding Bands:

Ceramic is so hard of a substance when manufactured using jewelry grad ceramic that it takes a diamond polishing machine to complete the finished piece. It is in the same category as tungsten when it comes to longevity and durability – particularly known as a scratch-resistant material.

Most popular contemporary ceramic bands these days are made with black ceramic – see the exquisite ring pictured below for an example. Like titanium, ceramic is hypoallergenic, and like tungsten, it is practically indestructible.


Cobalt Mens Wedding Bands:

Cobalt – sometimes referred to as cobalt-chrome is amazingly similar to platinum in the look of the metal. In fact we have one particular cobalt ring that is crafted with a platinum inlay and the cobalt is made with a satin finish, the platinum with a shiny, polished finish so that the two metals do not blend together!

There are hundreds and hundreds of cobalt styles these days as they have gained popularity over the past decade – very similar to tungsten although not as high in demand.


3rd Jul 2014

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