Custom Mens Wedding Rings - How Expensive Are They?

Custom Mens Wedding Bands - How Expensive Are They?

When you consider buying a custom wedding ring - you typically think of a very expensive, almost prohibitively expensive band - right? Maybe thousands of dollars to start with and it might range even higher depending upon who makes it for you. And in some cases this thinking is accurate and custom wedding bands for men can range into the 7 figures if one is wanting the finest.

But here is also something to consider. Some custom bands are very reasonable when it comes to final price. Let me give you a few examples. When choosing custom, you might be thinking of a certain type of wood that you might have that you would like to have fashioned into your own wedding ring. Or maybe a piece of antler? How about a piece of cement from Disneyland that means alot to you because you met your fiance there (we have actually had this happen)! Maybe you have a diamond that you inherited that you want crafted into a zirconium band - we have also done this for one of our customers - in a matte finish for them.

Here is an important element to consider when looking into custom, handmade wedding rings. If you start with a design you like, and then create out of this design a few custom changes to make it yours - to personalize it - it is far less expensive than crafted a ring from scratch. We have over 900 styles on our site - - and when looking through this vast selection if you can find something you really like - reach out to us and see if we can make something special for you.

The H119M is a popular meteorite inlay wedding piece that we carry in titanium. Can it be crafted in tungsten? Yes. Can it be made instead of with titanium with 14 kt yellow gold - yes and we actually carry a ring like this on our site now. Can the meteorite be exchanged for dinosaur bone or wood or antler? Yes in all cases. What if a diamond were to be added - can it be done and is it expensive? It can be done and smaller diamonds run under $300.00 each to craft them into the finished piece. So as you can see - there are a number of ways to make the completed selection meet your needs and your taste. The best starting place is to find a ring yo like and ask us a few questions by phone or by email - we will respond typically within an hour of it is during normal business hours and within a day if we are closed.

Let me offer one more simple example that might help you in your quest for the ring of your dreams ... we'll start with the LL229H. This ring is made in the United States with Bloodwood and Lapis and is available in virtually any size you would want from 4-20 including 1/4 sizes! But let's say you have a piece of wood from your grandfathers gunstock that broke and you want to incorporate that into this ring - no problem we can do that! All you would need to do is to send us your sample piece of wood and we will mill it and craft it into your finished piece. We do a lot for hunters - they send us a piece of antler from an elk they shot and we craft it into the finished ring - it only costs $35.00 extra for this service and we can turn it around in about the same amount of time we craft any custom ring - and as we said - they are made right here in the United States.

16th May 2016 Ron Johnson

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