​Do I want to buy an Alternative Metal Wedding band for My Man?

Do I want to buy an Alternative Metal Wedding band for My Man?

Your wedding’s round the corner and you have so much left to do. Getting a wedding band for your husband-to-be is likely to be one of your biggest concerns. While you could follow suit and do what most to-be brides do i.e. opt for a precious metal band for their man, here are a few reasons for you to do otherwise and opt for an alternative metal band instead.

Why you should choose Alternative Metal Men’s Wedding Bands

Gold, silver and platinum are metals that fall in the precious metal category. Wedding bands made out of metals other than these are known are alternative metal bands. Stainless steel, titanium, tungsten and cobalt are examples of alternative metals. Here are a few reasons you should consider getting these unique men’s wedding bands for your man.


Alternative metal is a much cheaper men’s wedding band option.. An alternative metal band would cost you half of what you pay for a traditional metal band. With alternative metal bands you can have platinum inlays for a few thousand dollars, and can handcraft genuine diamonds as well. Basically, with an alternative men’s wedding band you can get the same look for half the price. An alternative metal men’s wedding band could cost you anywhere between $200 and $800.


Alternative metal wedding bands have a comfortable fit. This means it would slip over your man’s knuckles easily. Conventional metal wedding bands are usually small in size. This makes them uncomfortable to wear and often causes pain when sliding them off. This is where an alternative metal wedding band comes to the rescue as it has been designed to slip over the knuckles so that the band does not pinch and fits comfortably.

However, before buying an alternative metal wedding band determine it’s the right fit for your man. A person wearing an 8.5 sized precious metal band may only need to wear a size 8 alternative metal wedding band.

Eye catching Appeal and Unique Men’s Wedding Band Style

Regardless of where you get it from, the best thing about alternative metal wedding bands is the vast array of styles it comes in. Exotic woods, white gold inlay, diamond medleys, shell inlay and platinum inlays are all possible with titanium and tungsten wedding bands. Patterns that have been laser-engraved can also be opted for with cobalt men’s wedding bands. Highly affordable engravings and inlays will also be available to you if you choose to buy a stainless steel men’s wedding band for your better half.

If you want a unique and stunning wedding band at an affordable price for your man then an alternative metal men’s wedding band may just be the perfect thing for you. You would be surprised to see how much you can do with alternative metal wedding bands, something not possible with a traditional metal wedding band. Thus, if you’re looking for a stunning and unique wedding band for your man, remember you have options other than the conventional ones.

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14th Apr 2015

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