Durability in mens tungsten wedding rings is the new fashion statement

Durability in mens tungsten wedding bands is the new fashion statement

Have you ever tried to figure out what might be the most durable men’s ring on the plant? Many have asked this question and I dare say there have been many answers. Consider for one the hottest and newest men’s fashion to take the industry by storm – tungsten rings. Virtually all tungsten rings – even those made in China or other non-US countries – have a similar characteristic of being bullet-proof when considering the scratch-resistant nature of this very hard metal. Have you ever tried to purposely scratch a tungsten ring? Try again – hard to do! This material is said to be 10 times harder than gold and about 4 times harder than titanium (and titanium is NOT a soft metal). In fact, tungsten is so hard that when dropped on a tile floor there is a possibility that it might break into small pieces … why? Because sometimes the harder the material, the more brittle it becomes.

Does this matter in today’s search for the world’s most durable mens wedding bands? It might if you bought the wring size – a too large ring might more easily fall off the hand. But let’s face it – the most important aspect is not how brittle it is but how well it stands up to everyday chores. Washing dishes, cleaning the garage, writing a paper, clearing a landscape, teaching a class, etc – isn’t the most important question about how easy the ring might scratch?

If so, you found your answer – because the most scratch proof ring on the plant is the new, hot, white, gray or black tungsten carbide ring.

25th May 2012

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