Engraving new mens wedding rings

Engraving new mens wedding rings

Engraving - what is it and why do it? Many ecommerce sites and a number of retailers offer custom, personal engraving for your men's and women's rings. In many instances the wording will be limited to 50 characters in that the inside of the ring has just so much space from which to place the wording - not suprising. Some sites also offer engraving on the outside of the ring but the limiting factor with this offeing is the outside ring design - most rings imply are not created to place a message on. if this is what you are looking for you might want to carefully select the type of ring BEFORE you start the engravng process. 

Fonts are fairly easy to choose in that there are a limited number of options - most sites offer 5-10 types of fonts ranging from the more common Helvetica to the Script MT Bold. When making your final selection make sure you understand the policy for return in that once a ring has been engraved they are usually not available to be retunred for a full refund. 

Professional retailers, engravers and ecommerce sites will honor any misspellings due to the engraving - even if this is a rare occurence but it makes sense to check your personal message for any possible mistakes. 

Engraving mens wedding rings - easier than what you thought!!

27th May 2012

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