Engraving perfect mens wedding rings

Engraving perfect mens wedding rings

So you've picked out the perfect ring and are now considering having it engraved with a personal message - what are your options?

First of all you have to decide if it is worth the price of engraving. Typically engraving a mens wedding rings runs between $30 and $40 and must be contained within a certain length to be able to fit all the wording on the inside of the ring. After you have decided that it is worth the cost and the extra time to complete the engraving you will need to consider if the ring can be returned for a full refund after it has been engraved with your personal message - most stores will not allow a full refund but will give you credit for a different style should you need to make that type of an exchange.

The font is an easy choice in that there are only a certain number of font styles offered and you might want to consider which one will be the most readable after the engraving. Script MT Bold, Old English, Bookman Old Style are just a few to pick from.

The hardest part is deciding what wording to use in that it is likely that 30 years from now it wil be on the same ring you have chosen! What do you want it to say - do you want it to commemorate a special memory known between the two of you or would you prefer something more generic and timeless like "our love last forever". Either way to engrave is a private and thoughtful decision that will last as long as  your marriage!

13th Jun 2012

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