Go ahead and surprise him with a mens wedding ring!

Is there a real risk in purchasing a mens wedding band without his consent or at least his visual approval? You might be thinking what if he doesn't like it or what if it is the wrong size or what if he already bought his wedding ring and just didn't tell me or, or, or???

The risks might be less than what you thought. First of all, if you are purchasing from a site with a 30 day return policy - what do you really have to lose? Doesn't like it just return it for a refund or let him go back online and pick the one he really likes. No big deal. And what about the wrong size? Most sites include a sizing policy that means if you accidentally order the incorrect size you can simply return it for a different one. We have even had people on our site who bought the ring and received a sizing ring to make sure it was the right size before they had the original one shipped and had him try it on while blindfolded! Ingenious!

These days with so much competition for mens wedding bands business on line and in stores - if you shop around you are definitely going to find a store that will meet your return needs and take the risks out of buying the wrong size or worse - the wrong ring!

25th Feb 2014

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