Guide to buy wedding rings that would help bride to know options

Guide to buy wedding rings that would help bride to know options

Wedding rings used to be the sole concern of brides and men would just pick up anything at the last moment of their wedding preparations and take the plunge for the most memorable and life-changing event of their life. However, today things are quite different. When you look up at the website, you will come across so many different options for wedding bands for men that you might be looking for some guidance to make the right selection. From the looks, the wedding rings might look quite simple, but when you take a closer look, you discover that there are many things to consider before you can settle for something that makes you happy. This obviously could put some pressure on you that you can handle with ease after going through this article.

Besides the variety of designs, there is a wide range of prices for bands for men. Keeping in tune with the pricing modalities of jewelry, the quality and design influence the price. Wedding bands have different price bands, but all are under $1000. Tungsten rings would cost around $250 and gold rings around $500 on an average. If you have a liking for diamond-encrusted rings, which are the elite among wedding bands, be ready to shell out $1500 and more. Let us now look at the choices.

Diamond encrusted band

Diamonds are expensive and so are diamond bands that not all can afford. Diamond encrusted wedding bands top the list of high-end products for men, and the extent of diamonds influence the price. Assuming that price is no constraint for you since you have chosen to buy diamond-encrusted products, the base price could be around $1800. Diamonds are the most coveted gemstones that spell luxury, elegance, and class but diamond bands are not for all. However, the use of single solitaire in bands could considerably lower the price and help to fulfill your desire of wearing a diamond band.

Platinum men’s wedding rings

If you have a budget of $1000 to $1500, you can try out platinum bands, the choice of men who want to express luxury and class in a dignified manner without being flashy. The cool and composed appeal of platinum wedding bands may lack the sparkle of diamonds, but it has a distinct appeal of its own. The whiteness of platinum attracts people who want something different from yellow gold.

Some people wrongly think that platinum is stronger than gold which helps it to retain the surface quality for a long time without scratching. Although platinum is weaker than gold, the surface does not tarnish or get scratched because, during long use, a coat of patina develops on the surface that prevents scratching. This is the reason that platinum is costlier than gold. You just have to spend as little as $1000 could get you a platinum band.

Palladium wedding rings

If you want to try out some new metal that might not be popular but could tell something different about your taste and style and you are ready to spend slightly more than gold bands, then you should look out for palladium wedding rings for men. Palladium is a late entrant in the jewelry market and only in 2010; it got the tag of precious metal like platinum. Those who want to satisfy their desire for platinum at almost half the price would find palladium the ideal metal. Palladium was in use for jewelry making earlier but only as an alloy used for making white gold. It is only recently that palladium has become a prime metal for making wedding rings. Palladium is a sturdy metal that retains its shape under stressful conditions, is lighter than gold but it is a scarce metal.

Gold rings for men

Gold bands have been popular for the first time it made an entry into the arena of male fashion. It is also the oldest metal that remains popular for making jewelry. Although it may sound wise to buy the purest gold, it does not turn out good for bands because 18k gold gets scratched more easily than 14k gold. Gold is a soft metal, and higher is the purity; more is the gold content higher and are the chances of being scratched. Regardless of the quality, the finishing of gold bands and jewelry can be identical that belies the quality that goes into the making of bands. You cannot visually make out the difference between 18k gold and 14k gold but have to test it chemically. You can make gold bands look new once again by polishing it after a few years of use.

Wedding rings of white gold

White gold contains a higher percentage of zinc that gives a white color to gold and adds more variety to bands for men who prefer the white platinum like looks. While all properties of the band resemble the gold ring, only the color is different. The hue of white gold is much brighter and brilliant than platinum. It is a preferred choice for those who want to have the looks of platinum without paying what it would have cost to wear a platinum wedding product. Plating gold jewelry with rhodium provides a protective coating to the surface that increases surface longevity by reducing the chances of the surface being scratched. However, you have to renew the rhodium coating after ten years.

Tungsten wedding rings

Tungsten wedding rings are just behind gold bands for men in popularity. Men who want to create a distinct and attractive look by deviating from tradition, look for tungsten bands that have become the fashion statement of the times. The cost is affordable, and the appeal is just too trendy. Black and grey are the available colors of tungsten bands that are stronger than titanium and steel. Before buying, try out the band to see that it looks good on you because it might not suit all. 

25th Aug 2020

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