How does ceramic compare to mens tungsten wedding rings?

How does ceramic compare to mens tungsten wedding bands?

When comparing a tungsten ring to a ceramic ring there are many similarities and a few differences. Both types of materials are so hard that they take a diamond polishing machine to complete the final product. What does that mean for the consumer? A ring that is virtually scratch proof. Not completely but almost. If treated carefully and with respect these two mens fashions should last longer than a lifetime!

Ceramic rings can be made in a variety of colors including white, black and even pink. Tungsten carbide rings can be made in classic gray (these are the most popular and most widely seen in the marketplace), and in black and white.

Can you add diamonds to both? Yes.

Can you get lifetime warranties on both? Yes

Are the moderately prices and priced about the same? Yes

And do they both offer a scratch resistant warranty? Yes

They have both proven themselves to be competitive in the marketplace and will continue to sell well throughout the world with China being a huge resource for their production.

See the D949BC below.

1st Jun 2012

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