How durable are Mens Tungsten Wedding Rings

How durable are Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands

In that tungsten rings are the hotest fashion to hit the ring industry in decades, it stands to reason that there will continue to be added a variety of cool styles over time to this potent collection. Black diamonds have been added as have white and black tungsten and recently Triton introduced a brand new style - the black & white tungsten line. People are starting to ask about these new additions - will they last as long as the original "permanent polished" classic gray color? Great question.

The fact is that when tungsten carbide was first introduced the only color you could purchase it in was the classic gray - that is simply the color of the final product using 90-95% tungsten carbide. There were no exceptions. Period.

The larger factories are now producing a brand new tungsten with a black or white (or both) coating and it appears this new look is not only wildly popular but here to stay. Chances of the coating that make gray tungsten look black or white wearing off over time is fairly high -  as with all coatings they are not as permanent as the core product color itself. However, when purchasing a coated tungsten ring from a legitimate manufacturer and retailer (whether online of brick and mortar) the ring is generally warranted against the coating coming off or fading. So pay attention and find the right one for your look and pocketbook!

Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands - see the H127C below.

5th Jun 2012

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