​How Polished Titanium Rings Can Stay Glossy Longer?

How Polished Titanium Rings Can Stay Glossy Longer?

Titanium rings are the most advanced form of the jewelry which is reaching the heights of fame among men. Due to its extremely strong structure and feather-light weight, men feel it easy to wear titanium rings as compared to the rings of other metals such as gold, silver, etc. Plus the greatest factor about titanium rings is that they contain hypoallergenic quality. This means that titanium rings won’t cause you any sort of allergy.

The material of titanium rings is so strong that the roughness of your day-to-day work can’t put a dent or scratch on its surface. If you want any special message to be engraved on it then it can also be done on your ring. The only problem most of the people find with titanium rings is that due to the strength of their material, resizing a titanium ring is not an easy task. So it is much better for all the men to give their proper sizes while ordering their titanium rings. Titanium rings are also available in many different colors.

Polished titanium rings:

Most of the men when order titanium rings for their wedding day or any other special occasion also get worried about its shine. Whether the shine of their ring would last for longer period or forever or not? Well the answer would only convince you if you compare titanium rings to the rings of other metal.

Anybody looking for a shiny ring would first of all go for a gold ring. Gold rings have been in trend as wedding rings for a long time. But the problem with them occurred due to their not-so-strong material. Gold ring can easily get damaged, dented or scratched during your day-to-day activities. Plus if continuously wear them in your finger then there is a chance that their shine could fade with the passage of time.

Same is the case with silver rings and rings made from white gold. Silver rings have also proved to be a great choice among men due to their light weight and reflective structure. Almost the same as titanium rings. But the place where they differed from titanium rings was their lack of durability. They lacked durability in their structure and in their polish. Silver rings could easily get damaged or dented. Plus their polish turns black after some time and they need the continuous process of re-polishing.

The case with white gold rings is almost similar. Mostly preferred by those people who like to wear gold without its golden glow the white gold rings have been in trend for many years and are still worn by many gold-loving people. The shine and brightness is provided to white gold rings due to the application of rhodium plating. But the thing with rhodium plating is that it also wears off after some time and needs re-plating after every year.

After the description of the polish durability of all the above metals, titanium seems the best of them all. Titanium is a natural metal and it greatest feature is its strength and durability. The metal is totally scratch less and dent less. Available in silver or grey or white colors, it is probably the strongest metal on earth. Not only applying any sort of scratch or dent on the titanium ring is nearly impossible but also the shine that appears on the ring the first time you wear it is everlasting.

Most of the men prefer darker shades of rings and are worried about the lack of color variety in titanium rings. Plus some of the men also fear if they get their titanium ring colored, it will lose its shine and look ugly. Well in reality this is not the case. Titanium rings come in variety of colors and can also be colored on demand. A true titanium ring never loses its shine and glow due to its color because titanium rings don’t get painted and neither any sort of coating or plating is applied on them.

The coloring technique used on titanium rings is called oxidization. The metal titanium has a great chemistry with oxygen so when any color is applied on titanium rings through oxidization; it never seems that a coat or paint has been applied on the ring. Oxidization provides it a natural look and shine. And the great thing about titanium rings is that whenever a color is applied on it through oxidization it will never ever fade or lose its color.

If you are looking for a ring that stays shiny and polished till the end of your life then titanium rings are the best for you. Available in different colors and extremely light weight, titanium rings are getting a great response from men. And as they remain scratch less throughout the life, their polish and shine never fades. Nor does anyone need to re-polish his titanium ring after sometime.

11th Mar 2014

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