Make Your Wedding Day Perfect with Selection of Ideal Wedding Rings

Make Your Wedding Day Perfect with Selection of Ideal Wedding Rings

When two soulmates find each other, nothing should stand between them. Especially something that symbolizes their love and promises to one another. Wedding rings should be the perfect foundation of a lifetime of love, affection, and care for two people. They should signify the union of two souls; the love shared between them and all the happiness that their future holds.

Everyone's story is unique and different. Therefore, it is quite justified when the bride wants a ring that no one else has. Couple's ring designs depend on the style statement of the bride as well as the groom. Depending on their unified choice the final design can be something as simple as a solitaire on a traditional metal base or something completely alternative and new like a diamond on titanium piece. A simple choice of the base or a twist to the conventional diamond center stone can define an utterly new ring design that no one else owns.

Check out antique styles

Both men’s wedding rings and women’s wedding ring designs can travel in time to the early 1900s or the 1920s. The art nouveau or the art deco styles are the best way to express your inner youth, indomitable spirit, and secret creativity. Picking an antique design from the late 1890s shows that you dare to venture into the unknown. Contrary to what most shoppers believe, vintage styles and antique make are not just for women. You can find plenty of antique ring design for men as well over here

Victorian designs are great for the bride-to-be and quite understated for the groom. This composes the perfect Ying-Yang you need to maintain the parity between your ring designs. Your bride can have a unique and eye-catching design, and you can have an understated design that goes well with your formals, your golfing outfits and with your daily work clothing.

Make a statement with the unique and not-so-exuberant

Weddings are lavish affairs. Most people opt for expensive engagement rings and wedding rings since they are the first investments of their married life. Now that people have multiple other sources of income and ways to invest money, you do not need to follow tradition. You can go with a more cost-effective option that can dial up the style quotient and dial down the expense meters.

Tungsten carbide, silicone, and even titanium are pocket-friendly options for all about to shop for wedding bands. The idea behind choosing a material like these is keeping the versatility alive. You can find these metals in almost all colors, finishes and designs. The inlays can range from wood to meteorite, depending on how unique you want your ring to be. While you bride picks a diamond on platinum design, you can easily pick a matte titanium wedding band to match her ring and pick a dinosaur bone (hidden) inlay to add some secret fun to it. Getting married has its perks and wearing daring interesting jewelry is one of them.

Find your own “imperfect” wedding ring

When you subject any design to a possibility of some imperfections, the chances of getting two rings with the same imperfections at the same places becomes one in a million. This is the idea behind the newest "perfectly imperfect" designs of wedding rings. Just like every solid marriage, these designs are usually in solid gold or silver (sterling silver). Thankfully, subjecting them to random imperfections reduces the possibility of finding two rings with the same imperfections infinitesimally minuscule. This trend defines something pure, crude yet lovable, beautifully unique and simple!

The only way to add more uniqueness to this kind of a ring design is to add your fingerprint to the inner side of the rings. Couples opt for laser carved fingerprint impressions of the bride and the groom on the inner sides of each other's rings. It is also unique to choose your name, signature, nickname or special quotes for laser engraving. The true beauty of these rings lies in their battered, weathered and yet coveted look that the wedded couples cherish through their lifetime.

Not doing rings at all

Some couples do not like to go down the beaten track. They like to opt for something different, like the infinity symbol on a pendant for the bride or a knot design for the bridal earrings. The coolest and trendiest options are still the ring-turned-pendant designs that women wear around their necks on dainty thin chains. These require finesse and experienced craftsmanship since they are ring designs complete with stone setting, engraving and other customizations that morph them into pendants. The designs are such that they go well with formal eveningwear, cocktail dresses, beachwear and party attires.

Turning rings into other forms of jewelry for men is a little difficult. In fact, rings are the most discrete form of jewelry among men. If you love your free spirit and you want to stand out of the crowd that is too afraid to experiment with style, you can turn your wedding promise into a bracelet. Not necessarily a gold or a platinum one! You can pick a very understated matte black titanium and carbon fiber design. You can also go with a silicone fiber design for all-year wear. You can always go with laser engraved insides and fingerprints of your significant other, to add more personality to your bracelet.

Many environmentally aware couples are preceding diamonds altogether for their weddings. If you are worried about your environment and the cost of the diamond on the laborers, you can always opt for a synthetic or a laboratory made a diamond. These are authentic, and they bear a special certificate that contains all details about their genesis, quality, and cost.

Weddings should be a guilt-free happy time for everyone. You should be able to love every part of it, even the rings, without worrying about the cost, environmental impact, and design flaws. Modern technology is opening new design avenues every day, and thankfully, everyone can now explore these avenues easily.

25th Aug 2020

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