Mens Titanium Wedding Rings - Coolest Fashion on the Planet

Mens Titanium Wedding Rings - Coolest Fashion on the Planet

When was the last time you saw a black titanium ring complete with laser design and possibly studded with a diamond or two? Chances are you've seen one whether or not you knew it was a titanium ring. They are prevalent on the internet and most ecommerce sites have a wide variety fo these new fashion statements. Titanium is a very hard metal although not quite as hard as tungsten but harder than your classic gold and silver bands. It is also soft enough to be able to shape and carve into some of the industry's most dynamic fashions. They range in widths from 4 mm to 9 mm and a variety have a his and her capability with ring sizes ranging from size 4 up to 15 including half sizes. Don't like black? Not a problem - titanium is a rich steel color but can be made in black for those who like this style and look. 

The new black titanium fashions are typcially made with a comfort fit compotent that makes the ring fit easier on the finger ... thus comfor fit. In fact to our knowledge there are no titanium rings made these days without the comfort fit feature. When one shops around you can find prices ranging from $50 up to hundreds depending upon the size, fashion, engraving, etching and diamond features.

27th May 2012

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