Mens wedding Rings deserve attention — Never take it lightly when planning your wedding

Mens wedding Rings deserve attention — Never take it lightly when planning your wedding

Weddings bands have gained popularity among men and become an essential accessory for them as they flaunt the wedding rings that make them proud. Wedding rings not only show off the marital status of people but also underline the taste and style of the person. You can judge a person’s sense of fashion and social status from the type of wedding bands they wear. Since bands come in different kinds of materials with various prices, the kind of ring that a person wears tells about the spending ability that points to the social status of the person. People who prefer to wear diamond rings surely have more affordability than people who choose simple gold bands. However, bands do not get the attention from men that it deserves whether the design is plain or exotic. Wedding bands for men deserve a second look.

Not only men, even couples usually do not attach the importance that bands for men deserve. More often than not, there is no structured approach in the selection of wedding rings as it comes as an afterthought. Most men adore wedding rings for its purpose rather than considering it as a fashion accessory that they would like to flaunt. Since the ring is going to become your constant companion and there are so many options for wedding rings, it merits more attention and care in selection. The time has come when bands or for that matter, men's jewelry becomes an essential agenda in the wedding shopping list.

Do the basics right

It all depends on how you look at wedding rings and the kind of budget you have. Do you think that you need to do some homework before shopping for wedding rings or would you like to decide on the spot without any preparation? If you are of the latter type, then you are not doing justice in selecting the wedding ring that is just right for you. It is essential to do the basics right by gathering information about choosing bands and knowing the available options, right from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Start with the metals and then move on to the designs.

The traditional bands

Gold has been the most traditional and perhaps the oldest jewelry metal that suits people from all walks of life. Every person regardless of his or her social and economic status is fond of gold jewelry, which is the most tolerable metal for human skin. It is entirely hypoallergenic and suits all kinds of skin. The advantage of gold is that it never looks dated. Gold comes in various grades of purity – 18k gold, 14k gold or 10 k gold. The beauty of gold is that regardless of its purity the shine and appearance remains the same that helps people to create stunning gold bands at very affordable price like the ones you find at

Widening your choice

If you want to try out some variant in gold that looks different, you can look at white gold that has a higher percentage of zinc that gives the white appearance. For those who want a more romantic appeal from gold wedding rings, rose gold is a good choice. Rose gold rings have a pinkish hue that results from adding copper to gold. Some may prefer white wedding rings made from some other metals like platinum or palladium provided they are willing o spend more.

Regarding the shape of bands, you can choose between the traditional wide and flat shape that has rounded edges. Some bands that are more traditional could stick to the round shape while those who want to have more contemporary looks can opt for the flat design.

Alternative metals – not so ordinary

Men who want to swim against the tide and want to establish their choices in their way prefer to try out the new metals that have made it to the list of jewelry metals. The metals are all very durable and strong but lightweight. You can have a look at tungsten carbide, stainless steel, titanium, and cobalt alloys. If you want to wear a wedding band that is simply out of this earth, then meteorite bands are what you are looking for.

  • Stainless steel needs no introduction, as we all know well about its strength and durability.
  • Tungsten carbide is extremely hard (used for making cutting tools) and does not scratch that helps to retain the finish for many years. Besides its natural color, tungsten bands come in gray, white and black too and if needed, you can resize the ring.
  • Titanium is another metal that is as much lightweight as strong. Titanium wedding bands have a glossy or matte finish and available in black and gray. The surprising thing is that despite being so strong that makes it scratch resistant, you can resize titanium rings.
  • Cobalt alloy is white in appearance and highly durable. Besides being hypoallergenic, the metal neither shatters nor chips. If you are looking for a substitute for white gold at a lesser price, then cobalt is the metal of choice.

Different kinds of finishes

Regardless the metal you choose, you can opt for different kinds of surface finishes depending on the design and the choice of gemstones, if any. Besides the usual shining finish, you can opt for a matte finish, satin finish or even a frosty finish that resembles the paint used for the interior of buildings. You can make the bands more eye-catching by making subtle changes in the design by placing rows of beads along the edges of the ring. For making it more noticeable and adding a signature touch to the design, some may think of engraving the name on the outside or some special design that bears your identity. Mixing two metals like yellow gold and cobalt gives a new appeal to the wedding ring.

Lastly, you can try out the everlasting diamond bands that belong to a class of its own.

25th Aug 2020

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