Mens wood wedding rings - Do ring warranties really mean anything?

Mens wood wedding bands - Do ring warranties really mean anything?

Warranties really do have a place in men’s fashion jewelry particularly if you are purchasing a men’s or women’s ring of value. Of course there are many types of fashions that cost less – some so cheap that a warranty is almost pointless. But consider, for instance, a men’s ring with a ½ cwt of genuine diamonds selling for $1,000.00. At what point are you concerned about the warranty? I would hope immediately and of course consider adding to your homeowner’s policy as well. But a lifetime warranty on the ring manufacturing process is essential particularly if you are concerned with keeping the ring for life.

So when shopping for mens wood wedding bands you might want to take a serious look at the warranty behind the ring! 

It might also pay to look into what the lifetime warranty really means – it is prorated? Is it for the life or how long you own the ring or can it be transferred? Does it matter to you how long the company has been in business that is offering the warranty or does it come from the factory. All of these are important questions to answer when considering your warranty for the ring that you might own for the rest of your life – don’t you think?

28th May 2012

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