On which finger do you wear mens wedding rings?

On which finger do you wear mens wedding rings?

Are you buying your ring is the wedding band for the man in your life? Are you buying the ring for yourself? Are you buying the ring to be worn on the pointer finger with a little finger or even on one of your funds? We know of a man who wears up to two rings on each finger including Tom's on his hand not just one but both. If my math is accurate that's up to 20 rings in any one given time. But let's face it, that's not what most of us are going to do, we're going to decide the purpose of the ring which may give us an idea of which finger were going to wear it on. For the sake of this blog let's consider this to be a men's wedding band.


Most men will wear the wedding band on the left hand on the finger next to the little finger, called the ring finger. One may say what size on average is this ring finger? All we can say is that the average size of a man's ring finger is 9 1/2. But rings on today's market range in size from four up to 16. The smaller the man typically the smaller the ring finger and vice a versa. One side note, go to your local jeweler and decide in advance what size finger your ring will fit best on.


Again for now were assuming that the ring will be worn on the left ring finger as a wedding band. Now one has to decide how why do I want the ring? We have seen gold bands as little as 2 mm up to mens tungsten wedding bands at 12 mm in width. A word to the wise, a small man should not choose a large with band. It is wiser to use a general rule of thumb that at an average height of 5'10" and an average weight of 190 pounds the with the millimeter of the ring that would look best is 6 to 8. The only person that looks good in a nine or a 10 or 12 mm band is the larger man weighing over 200 pounds and a 6 foot or above in height.


Conversely, the smaller man let's say under 5'8" tall and weighing under 160 pounds might consider a band in the whipped of 4 to 5 mm instead. These are just broad general guidelines for picking out the perfect ring once you decided the purpose of which finger you're going to wear on. In conclusion make sure you shop around and see if you can't find a little better price online particularly at this time of year when many sales are going on.

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15th Dec 2012

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