Price points for mens wedding rings with diamonds

Price points for mens wedding bands with diamonds

$100? $500? $1000? $2000?

What is the average price point for a mens diamond wedding band these days? Although an exact average is hard to come by given the vast amount of retailers and online re-sellers in the world, one can approximate the answer through stats available that show customer purchasing habits relative to the mens fashion industry. It appears that a close estimate is $600/band when considering all mens wedding bands that are sold internationally and in the US - this includes all grades of diamonds and of course those coming from foreign countries with less than stellar design characteristics. This figure does not include fake or non-genuine diamonds.

One of the main characteristics that differentiate a costly diamond ring from one that is less expensive is the quality and size of the diamond - yes - size matters. But more than size, the actual grade and color of the diamond and the professional cut of the diamond have a huge factor in pricing the diamond at retail.

Other factors that contribute would be where thediamond ring is purchased from - many online or ecommerce sellers have heavy and substantial discounts whereas the brick and mortar stores have higher markups due to the rather hefty overheads - insurance, employees, signage, advertising, store upkeep, etc.

8th Jun 2012

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