Protecting Customer's Valuable Personal Information when shopping for a mens ring

If you have watched the news recently you may have seen where one more cyber attacker was captued - this one a Ukrainian by the name of Maksym Yastremsky. He had stolen over $40,000,000 worth of mostly US based retailer credit cards. He was arrested in Turkey after an eloborate sting operation netted this cyber criminal. It makes one a little wary when sharing sensitive data like credit card numbers and expiration dates. That is why we wanted our customers to know the extreme measures we have taken to protect their data.

First, we use a protected encryption on our websites - in fact the exact same that the big banks use. Our backend system is referred to as "bank valut" security. We utilize SAS 70 Type II Certified Servers and the data center is protected by hacker deterrent security provisioning. In addition firewalls are in place and we have 3 redundant network architectures. We use only systems that are PCI-Compliant and audited every 3 months. In fact, we are proud to be featured on Visa and Matercard's lists of PCI-Compliant providers.

Ever wonder where your personal data ends up once you have shared it online? Rest assured, our company has a policy to NEVER share your data with any other customer, provider, or entity. EVER.

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4th Feb 2014

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