Rating "A" on the Better Business Bureau - Mens Wedding Rings

Rating "A" on the Better Business Bureau - Mens Wedding Bands

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a service organization that helps people find businesses, brands and charities they can trust. They rank organizations and brands from A-F and even have some +'s in between. The higher the rank, the more trusted the organization.

Mens Wedding Bands, in business since 2003, is rated A on the BBB which means the company has had no disputes with customers during its time in business. It is an indication that the way they run their business leads to customer satisfaction and trust.

What are the principles upon which a company like Mens Wedding Bands build this customer loyalty and trust?

One of the foremost ways to build trust to be honest. How would you want to be treated? Then treat customers the same way. Live by the Golden Rule - it is never out of date.

Another key way to build loyalty and trust is to stand behind warranties and honor purchasing promises as advertised. On our site we offer lifetime warranties on our products and in most cases, regardless of how long a customer has owned the product, if something happens to it like it cracks or breaks or discolors, they receive a NEW one for a small warranty proration fee. These fees are typically under $50 to receive a brand new ring. That is one way to honor customer's trust and build loyalty.

Another key element is to make sure that products are delivered in a timely manner as stated in the written promises of the business. If you promise to deliver free within 7 days - better make sure the customer does not have to pay for shipping and that they receive it within 7 days! Pretty simple really but it takes dedication and focus on the business, operations and most importantly the customer.

Determine in advance what promises you can keep, commit them to writing, and then stand by what you have made in the way of your business brand promises. Customers for the most part are understanding and they understand that things happen that derail well-intentioned commitments. What we try to do at Mens Wedding Bands is to answer customer inquiries within an hour once we receive them and in most cases it only takes a few minutes. Customers love this fast response time! The only exception is on Sunday when we do not have staff operating the communication process for our sites. We still open the site for ecommerce we simply do not have anyone to answer the phone or the email communications.

So the bottom line in our opinion is that when making promises - assume you are dealing with family and keep them. Be fair and honest and stand by your word. Following these simple guidelines will rate you high with not just your customers but with organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

If you have comments or concerns about how we operate our business or if you would care to make a suggestion we welcome your comments - please call 801-755-1661 or email us at

We are open every day from 8 am until 8 pm Monday through Saturday.

Wishing you the best!

12th Jan 2015 Ron Johnson

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