Sizing a comfort fit mens wedding ring

Buying mens wedding bands in person presents fewer challenges than buying online. That is a given. With that said, buying in person means you are typically buying from a retail establishment with fine chandeliers, cushy carpet, signage, insurance, a zillion employees, theft costs, etc., etc. Add these expenses all up and you are going to pay a small fortune for your wedding band! So what is a person to do?

There are several options but a trend has been developing over the last decade and it is being felt hard by the big box retailers (except WalMart) ... simply put people are shopping in person, finding what they want and then going to Amazon and eBay and other online stores to buy exactly what they want for less.

We see this all the time with our mens wedding band stores. People know what size they want before they shop with us - much of the time. They have been to the more glitzy and expensive retailers and they have tried on rings and they know what size they need and then they simply put on their slippers, pour a cup of coffee and relax in front of the computer and buy what they know they want - for less.

We are sometimes asked about the differences between a comfort fit ring and a traditional cut ring. A comfort fit ring has the inner edges of the ring beveled or polished so that there is no longer a "hard" edge. This allows the ring to slip over the knuckle easier and once on the finger the ring does not tend to cut into the skin and cause discomfort. Thus the term "comfort fit".

If I know I am a size 9.5 in a traditional cut ring (non comfort fit) - what size will I be in a comfort fit? GENERALLY, one can size down 1/2 size and be pretty accurate. Personally I have a traditional cut gold ring in a size 9.5 that fits great. When I wear my tungsten carbide ring I wear a size 9. I am not alone - this is true for most people because of the way a comfort fit ring slips over the knuckle easier - when you size down a 1/2 size you do not run the risk of the ring slipping off your finger.

So in conclusion, there are two options for purchasing the ring that you want to wear for life. You can either buy it online or you can buy it in a store. There are pros and cons for each as we have stated but there is the hybrid trend that we have also discussed - shopping and researching in person and then buying online. Truly, this option might be the best of both worlds. You know what you like, you know your size and yet you can shop with security these days online and not pay for all the fancy stuff in the stores.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this important subject as we get many, many questions about buying online versus in a store and the sizing issues and of course the questions about why do so many stores now carry the newer comfort fit ring. You can simply send us a reply to or call 801-755-1661. We have someone available Monday through Saturday to respond to your questions and to hopefully help you in your quest to the buy the perfect and most unique mens wedding ring at the right price.

Thank you.

15th Oct 2014 Ron Johnson

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