Sizing Mens Wedding Rings

Sizing Mens Wedding Bands

We receive many calls and emails regarding the proper way to size a wedding ring particularly from those who are inclined to purchase them online. This can be a real challenge if the one purchasing the mens wedding band has no idea of the accurate size. And adding to this confusion is the fact that there is not one universal sizing nomenclature - the United States might have sizing from 4 - 18 including 1/4 sizes and Australia might have an entirely different sizing chart from A-Z.

So what is the solution? We encourage people to find a trusted jeweler and try on a variety of rings to determine their exact size - in fact going to two or more jewelers is the better idea. Make sure that jewelers have a "comfort fit" sizing method in that the comfort fit style is how most contemporary wedding rings are crafted. Comfort fit simply means that the inner edges of the band have been beveled into a smooth surface thus allowing the band to fit easily over the knuckle and feeling far more comfortable when being worn.

Once the size is known, it then becomes a matter of personal choice as to whether one shops at their favorite retail destination or at a variety of online ecommerce stores. And although getting sized at a jeweler is by far the best solution - this does not always happen - so what next?

Many online stores offer sizing or loaner rings which is a sure way to determine the best fit. The way it works for mens wedding bands is that once a ring is purchased, whether it is a custom or exotic inlay or a stock item ring, the customer has the option of first receiving a sizing ring (typically the J095C). This ring is sent via USPS to the customer and once they try it on they can make a determination as to whether or not they need a smaller or larger band. Sometimes we need to send more than one to make sure the size is accurate. We cover the cost associated with shipping this ring to our customers and the customer pays for shipping it back to us in Washington, Utah.

In reality, sizing, because of the solutions mentioned above, is not a huge deal anymore. And in the unlikely event of ordering the wrong size - with stock rings it is as simple as ending the ring back and receiving a new ring in the correct size. If you have questions about sizing your ring please contact us at 801-755-1661 or We would love to help you work through your correct sizing questions.

10th May 2016

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