​Squared Wedding Rings for Men

Squared Wedding Rings for Men

The wedding bands for men that have a distinct and unique style are known as square bands. These bands are designed in such a way that their interior side is fashioned in a round form while the exterior of these bands is in a square form. They are designed this way so that they are capable enough to fit in a comfortable fit. Square bands are really good because they do not cause any sort of irritation while you are wearing them. They are very comfortable and smart.

The manufacturing of square bands is not difficult because the metals used for them are really malleable. Any desired metal or material is used for making squared bands so you can mold them in any shape you want. There are many jewelers around the globe who will deal with the ideas of customers and will mold the bands into the desired patterns and shapes. It is all about the shape and size that you have fabricated with your square band. Select the most elegant and innovative design for your square band.

Square bands are very famous and they are divided into two prominent forms. One is called two – tone and the other is called as multi tone square bands. Due to these two distinct forms, they are really unique and different from the rest of other bands for men. Square bands for men are also formed using two different colored tones and combinations. These bands for men are really elegant and classy and they never go out of trend.

There are some special methods and techniques that are basically used to give up a texture of combinational layers in these squared wedding rings for men. These techniques use up pressure, heat and high temperature. The patterns that are produced as a result of this technique look really amazing and fabulous. These days the two toned square wedding rings are very much in trend. They really look so good. You can select the metal for square wedding bands by your own choice. Before choosing, make a complete assessment about the physical properties of the selected metal.

One of the famous designs of combined layered square wedding ring consists of one layer of pure 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold and 18K red gold and this square wedding ring has a very unique pattern. You can embellish these men’s square wedding rings with precious gem stones and diamonds. This will enhance the look of these square wedding rings. It is all up to the jeweler who will produce unique designs and patterns.

Square bands made up of combination of different layers really give a unique and amazing look to the one wearing such bands. Create variations in your design and stay away from those old groovy styles of bands.

It has been seen that square bands exhibit great styles when molded in geometric shapes and patterns. The surface of these squared bands is fashioned in such a way that it provides support to the overall shape of the band. There are certain jewelers who are taking orders for making engraved figures on these bands for men.

The engraved square bands embellish a larger width as compared to normal bands for men. This makes them ideal for the wedding. You can have engraved titles and phrases on the bands made up of titanium. Ask your jeweler and order up a unique design this time on your wedding.

If you have chosen a square band made up of titanium with a thickness of 2mm, this will cost you an amount of $200. A square wedding ring with a thickness of 2.5mm made up f 14k yellow gold, the cost for this would be $200 and the one with same thickness and made up of white gold will cost you less as compared to others. If you have selected a square wedding ring with a thickness of 2.5mm and made up of 9k gold, this will cost you less as compared to those made up of 14k gold. This is all about the size which you choose up for your groom on the wedding day. Thickness really matters up if you have decided to go for square bands.

However, if your wedding band is thin, this still goes perfect. The only thing you should choose with an open mind is the metal. This is really important.

Search for the best jeweler and engraver in town and get the best deals for square wedding bands. The jeweler must know about how to engrave the certain unique designs for such bands. In this way, you can get your desired wedding band for your life partner.

17th Mar 2014

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