The Balance in Mens Jewelry Fashions and Mens Wedding Rings

Diamond quality is very well documented on the internet – at least the terminology is known by most – including the 4 c’s of cut, clarity, color and carat. As important is how the diamond ensemble is crafted into the finished piece – an important variable that is sometimes very visible when one begins searching for the perfect diamond ring. If a jeweler selects top grade diamonds – omitting the less expensive cubic zirconium – but does not exhibit a gift for matching color and “cloud” then the finished piece is oftentimes inferior even to the naked eye and even with those who do not see through a professional lens. So when shopping for mens wedding rings you might do your homework first.

Sizing is also critical in a “balanced” fashion piece. Have you ever seen a lovely ring that is simply oversized? The balance necessary to be elegant and timeless has been omitted. One must be careful to look beyond the mere size and into the finished design. Avoiding this unbalanced look is often accomplished by buying a name brand or a fashion brand of jewelry where these considerations are seldom missed.

And finally, when making a decision based upon the diamond balance – one must decide what color is being sought for what purpose. When matching a new black titanium watch, the thoughtful and discerning gentleman might consider a matching black diamond band to bring a sense of movement from wrist to finger.

25th May 2012

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