​The Battle for Tungsten Mens Wedding Rings

The Battle for Tungsten Mens Wedding Bands

We use the word battle with intention. Maybe we should say “war”! Tungsten mens wedding bands are a hot commodity right now and there doesn’t appear to be anything in the way of this growth – they have taken the fashion ring industry by storm. They outsell all the other alternative metal rings such as titanium, cobalt, ceramic, etc.

One does not have to look far to see why – these rings are referred to as the permanently polished mens rings. They have a wonderful sheen to them and they are almost indestructible. Scratches? Very hard to scratch – in fact most of the scratches are imperceptible to the naked eye. That is because tungsten carbide (also referred to as tungsten) is so very, very hard. They are 10 times harder than gold and 4 times harder than titanium. And titanium is no lightweight – although they do weigh a lot less than tungsten!

The only thing about tungsten that might give it a less than spectacular reputation is the fact that when dropped on a hard surface – from a distance – they tend to break in pieces. But again, a reputable seller will offer a lifetime warranty on their goods so even breakage is not a problem. We do see form time to time people who shop and buy just for price and when that happens there is no warranty and they end up having to buy a different ring if it breaks rather than receive a new one from the original seller.

These days there is no such thing as a bland or plain tungsten ring – unless that is what you are looking for – a classic gray tungsten with no design and no frills. They are still very popular but the point is that in this new marketplace there is no need to compromise with style. You can select mens tungsten rings with silver inlays, wood inlays, platinum or palladium inlays. You can also add a brilliant white or black diamond to the ensemble. And if that were not enough – they have tungsten rings with ceramic, dinosaur bone, meteorite and even antler inlay!

So regardless of what you are searching for with a tungsten ring – you can find them in virtually any style and any size – in fact most tungsten rings range from sizes 6 – 16 and that includes all the half-sizes in between.

Where to shop? Well, many people start at the local jeweler or mall because what you see is what you get. And of course what you see in price is also what you get! Don’t forget that the fancy stores and glitzy signs and décor come at a price and the person paying for all of that is you – the customer! So you might want to go there first, shop around, find out you size and what style(s) you like and then walk to the nearest internet site – typically just down the hallway. And don’t forget your cup of coffee and slippers!

Yep, go ahead and save hundreds of dollars shopping for what you want from the comfort of your own home and you’ll still receive a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty! What could be easier?


One of our most popular black diamond rings!

27th Oct 2014 Ron Johnson

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