​The Distinguished Appeal of Meteorite Wedding Rings Makes It The Smartest Men’s Jewelry

​The Distinguished Appeal of Meteorite Wedding Rings Makes It The Smartest Men’s Jewelry

Buying bands for men can be a daunting task because men do rarely pay much attention to wedding rings before buying. Many men consider the band as a customary piece of jewelry that needs the least preparation during buying. However, as the time of buying draws close, the attitude keeps changing as they realize how the most innocuous looking wedding ring can become the central point of men's style and dressing. That is when they wake up and start cracking their brains in choosing the wedding rings that not only match their style and budget but also add individuality to the appeal. The wedding ring becomes the most obsessive jewelry that represents the stellar looks of masculinity.

To select the most exclusive wedding ring, men often turn to some band materials that are not only rare but also unique. There is good demand for Meteorite wedding rings like the ones that you find at the online store that sells Mens wedding bands. These are one of its kinds not only for the rarity of material but also for the style and design created by skilled artisans. The wedding rings display style and sophistication while adding an element of individuality to your personality. In this article, we will explore the reasons for the attraction of Meteorite wedding rings by focusing on some selected wedding rings that are available online.

The attraction of out of this earth material

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the lure of Meteorite is because of its unearthly appeal, as the material does not occur naturally on the earth like other jewelry metals. Meteorites fall from the sky, and some of it happened during the pre-historic times. Thus, the origin of Meteorites is unique as compared to other jewelry metals and it is also rare to find Meteorites or shooting stars that zoom across the skies touch the ground. Naturally, only small quantities of Meteorites are available at some selected places, and the best ones are from Gibeon in Namibia. Such extreme rarity of Meteorites increases its attraction as well as price.

Meteorite quality

How do you define the class of Meteorite? Instead of ascertaining its physical attributes, the norm is to depend on the source of availability because Meteorites found in Gibeon in Namibia belong to the best in class. These Meteorites supposedly belong to pre-historic times and its demand is very high. Gibeon Meteorites belong to the group of iron Meteorite consisting of an alloy of iron and nickel together with significant amounts of phosphorus and cobalt belonging to the chemical group IVA.

Material for inlays

While it might be possible to make complete bands from Meteorite, it is not a feasible proposition considering its cost and availability. The most popular Meteorite wedding rings that you will come across are a combination of fragments of Meteorite with some other metals like titanium and tungsten. Sometimes, wood also forms a part of the composite metals used in wedding rings. Usually, Meteorite forms the inlay of the wedding ring while the other metals constitute the body of the ring. Although used for making inlays, the Meteorite grabs all attention and adds value to wedding bands while enhancing its appeal. Meteorite wedding rings belong to a class of its own that spells luxury and elegance and chosen by those who want to express their style in their very own ways.

Not easy to distinguish

The appearance of Meteorite does not have anything special as it might seem to some people. Instead, the silver-gray looks of Meteorite make it hard to differentiate it from other conventional materials. For authentic Meteorite bands, rely on the reputation of the jewelry store that sells genuine quality only. The meteorite has a dull appearance that forms the perfect contrast for use with titanium and tungsten, most widely used for making Meteorite wedding bands. The subdued look of Meteorite perfectly balances the shine of the accompanying metals and helps to produce the most attractive design.

Have a look at some selected designs of Meteorite bands that would illustrate the unique appeal of the smartest men's jewelry.

Meteorite band for men in wood and titanium

Titanium is the base metal of the 8 mm titanium/wood Meteorite wedding band. Oak Wood forms the inner sleeve of the band that provides complete comfort while the 2-mm-wide Meteorite inlay adds real value to the band. Entirely handcrafted, the wedding band is the most prestigious piece and a collector's item. The design is so unique that you will not find anything similar to it. Made from authentic Gibeon Meteorite, the band comes with a Lifetime Meteorite Protection assurance of the seller to support its authenticity besides the standard one-year warranty.

Meteorite band for men in gunmetal gray

The base metal in this 9mm Meteorite wedding band is titanium that has a Meteorite inlay supported by carbon fiber inlays of gunmetal gray color on either side. The item belongs to the category of 5-star collection and being hand crafted, would take 2-3 weeks for making. The titanium is of superior aircraft grade five titanium, which is highly durable. Titanium, being completely hypoallergenic, is the best choice for Meteorite bands. The product carries a one-year non-prorated warranty and a lifetime prorated warranty against sizing and defects.

Imperfections add value

As Meteorites travel from space during the course of its formation, the surface acquires marks and blemishes, which become its hallmark. When used for making bands, the imperfections of Meteorite attract people and add to its value. Imperfections impart uniqueness to Meteorites and are signs of authenticity. Moreover, the scattered marks create natural designs on the Meteorite surface that enhances its aesthetic value and appeal.

Since bands are lifetime investments, going for a unique material is quite reasonable, provided it matches your lifestyle and tastes. If you want to stand out from the crowd and draw all attention, then Meteorite wedding rings could help achieve your goal without having to burn holes in your pockets.  

25th Aug 2020

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