​The Dos and Don’ts of Planning the Perfect wedding

The Dos and Don’ts of Planning the Perfect wedding

A perfect wedding is what everyone dreams of. However, this is something that rarely happens. In order to ensure that things go smoothly and everything looks just the way you want it to, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Following are some of the rules that are mandatory for the success of your big day. Here are the the definitive Dos and Don’ts of planning the perfect wedding:

Dos of Planning the Perfect Wedding

Let’s start off with the Dos of planning the perfect wedding.

Remembering what you and your spouse-to-be love

It is important the you and your spouse-to-be remember things that both of you love as a couple, whether it’s your favorite meal, favorite cocktail, your “song”, or any piece of décor that both of you found interesting. Incorporate them into your big day to make it more special.

Hire a wedding planner

Having someone to manage the many aspects of the wedding throughout the day for you, along with a well thought out, realistic schedule is the key to a stress-free wedding day. An efficient wedding planner or a coordinator will fulfill both of these requirements. Often, a friend or a relative plays the role of this coordinator.

Have Family Photos

Family photos are important, so decide upon them first. Discuss with your fiancé, or with your family how you’d like the shots to be–­ candid, formal, daytime shots or a sunset backdrop– have this sorted beforehand.

Plan for Men’s wedding band

An important thing you need to ensure is that you choose the right-sized wedding band for your husband-to-be. Men’s wedding bands that do not fit can be a serious cause of concern on the big day.

Be Flexible

You need to be a bit flexible with your expectations as not everything will work out exactly the way you want it to. On your wedding day, attitude is everything.

Don'ts of Planning the Perfect Wedding

Now let’s get to the Don'ts of planning the perfect wedding.

Don’t follow Traditions

Always remember that you don’t necessarily need to follow the traditions. Don’t feel obligated to follow the tradition if it means creating something magical and personalized.

Don’t act Eccentric

Even though you and your fiancé’ are most certainly the main people on your wedding day, forgetting about your friends and family while planning the wedding would be crime. Planning parties, accommodation and gifts for them is important.

Don’t follow trends

Whether it’s your wedding dress, a men’s wedding band or the decoration at the wedding, don’t follow trends unless it mimics your or your man’s personality.

Don’t spend your entire budget on one thing

It would be a crime if you spend your entire budget on a part of the wedding. Having a priority list for the all the things that make up your wedding and allocate budget accordingly.

Don’t stop enjoying

Finally, there should be no break in fun on your wedding day. This day is likely to come only once in your life so enjoy it to the fullest.

By taking these Dos and Don’ts of planning the perfect wedding into consideration, you can make your big day a truly special occasion.

19th May 2015

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