The Hottest Trend in Men's Wedding Rings

The Hottest Trend in Men's Wedding Rings

Over the past decade we have watched as men's fashions have changed dramatically in regard to jewelry and particularly with mens wedding rings. Although gold and palladium, silver and platinum will always be popular, we have seen the emergence of a trend that is not just "contemporary or alternative metals" but a subset withing this metal category. It is the emergence of exotic or custom inlays. And it is a hot trend that sees no short-term end.

One might think that - like most trends - the fad comes and goes and with it comes and goes all the latest new arrivals only to be discarded as trends go. But this one is different. Men (and their women counterparts who have a significant say when purchasing the wedding band) are seeing something that they like. They are gravitating to this new trend as if to say, we have finally found what we have wanted all along but did not know where to find it.

The genesis happened slowly at first but with its onset came a high demand that has not dropped off these past few years. Enter the world of custom inlays in a wide variety of fashionable arrays including meteorite (the hottest of this hot trend), antler, exotic seamless woods, dinosaur bone, and other fashionable and exotic and rare inlays in stones and minerals.

Let's first take a look at the hottest of the hot - meteorite inlays.

The ring pictured above is called the H119M from This unique and stunning ring in made with high polished titanium with an inner layer of inlay made of genuine Gibeon Meteorite. Yes, it comes with a certificate of authenticity. The meteorite in this inlay is millions and millions of years old and traveled through space for most of its life until it found its final resting place in Gibeon, Namibia. Where is this place you ask? You can find this town on the South-Western area of South African. There it crashed from outer space in an area that is 275 km long by 100 km wide. That is apx. 17,000 square miles of space where this meteorite landed! Meteorite is popular and is THE current trendsetter by far. One of the reasons for this is the mystery surrounding where this meteorite originated and where and how far it traveled. Most are billions of years old and are now captured in a stunning display or current and contemporary metals that support this intriguing metal. Another reason is that meteorites are rare. There is a limited supply of this "precious" commodity and finding new supplies is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack of galaxies. So enjoy it while you can - please search through the hundreds of styles and price points on our site. Enjoy!

Skilled craftsmen have been perfecting the art of carefully handcrafting meteorite into mens rings for many, many years and the artform is one that is in high demand - think about the heirloom potential of having a piece of genuine meteorite fashioned into a band symbolizing an eternal union. And with the contemporary metals available today you can find rings with meteorite inserted in titanium, tungsten, cobalt or even the more traditional metals such as gold or platinum! See the H119M below inserted in yellow gold - it is called the G119M.

If you are not into meteorite, you are welcome to choose from a variety of woods that please the man of nature - one who likes to feel connected to the outdoors. One of the most popular trends in wood rings is the K109M pictured below.

And for those more daring - why not try dinosaur bone - again certified to be authentic! The one pictured below is the CMG023M. Although this delightful piece has far more than just dinosaur bone - it also includes Honduran Rosewood Burl Wood, Gibeon Meteorite, and a Cobaltium M3 Stealth sleeve - as unique and stunning as it is original. This is a ring for the man who wants to not wear the average, run-of-the-mill wedding ring! With all Mens Wedding Bands custom rings from a variety of factories (all in the U.S.) - you will first receive the J095C sizing ring which is sent to you before we order your final custom ring to ensure that the size you have selected is accurate. This ring is yours to keep and can be worn when doing those dirty jobs around the yard or home. This allows your custom ring to remain new and stunning in appearance. You can view the J095C live link to see what this lovely tungsten ring actually look like. 

Whatever your style and however you view this latest trend - it is interesting to choose from over 900 different and unique styles on one of the internet's largest selections of powerful and delightful wedding bands for men!

Trends sometimes fade over time but this is one trend that appears here to stay for the foreseeable future. The reason we have come to this conclusion is that rare inlays such as dinosaur bone and meteorite are in sufficient quantity to allow for production levels to remain but are rare enough to maintain a limited supply thus keeping supply and demand in check. As noted, the market value of meteorite surpasses the value of gold currently and we see no reason for this to end - if anything we see that selected precious and rare commodities like these will continue to appreciate into the future becoming more and more valuable over time.

Have you ever defined the term heirloom? The best definition is a valuable object that has remained in a family for generations. This is the perfect description of what these custom, handmade one-of-a-kind rings might become over generations. You might not be buying just for today - you might be creating a family heirloom through your good taste and wise decision today!


We wanted to add a few more styles below just to give you an idea of how broad and varied this custom ring category is on our internet site. Truly one of the largest selections of custom inlay rings anywhere! So enjoy as you shop through this truly remarkable category of custom made, inlaid wedding rings for men (and in many cases for women as well).

11th May 2016 Ron Johnson

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