The Mens Wedding Rings Dilemma

The Mens Wedding Rings Dilemma

If you been shopping for a ring anytime in the last 10 years you will find that there's not one particular style that stands out as the most popular the most in demand or the most dynamic in the fashion ring or wedding band category whether for men or for women. We believe this an accurate statement because of the new edition to bring fashions over the last 20 years including tungsten carbide, titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, cobalt and many others. Your choices known longer centered on the one yellow or white gold or maybe would be like platinum? It is now a choice not just 10 or so categories of materials but hundreds if not thousands of choices within each category.

So what is searching for a men's wedding band in tungsten you might select black white or a combination of black and white or you might select one with or without diamonds possibly a wood inlay or not; or for the daring him I wanted laser etched or carved or emblazoned with symbols of your choice. And that's just tungsten, you'll have the same choices to make in the other materials mentioned above including titanium, cobalt, and a host of others. It's to the point where we feel sorry particular for the woman who is trying to pick out the perfect band for her future husband a task that is almost insurmountable given the almost in choices placed before.

The ultimate choices made somewhat simpler by the fact that tungsten has risen to the top of the fashion ring category with lightning speed in such a way that one would have to consider-at least consider-a tungsten band for the man your life. Why is this? There are many reasons but the primary reason we believe is that this new ring material is virtually scratch proof and it looks to after years and years of wear. Can you say the same about your old gold band? We think not.

If you'd like us to complicate this choice this ring dilemma if you will to another level consider that you no longer need to shop at the local jeweler or the big-box retailer in the mall you now have hundreds and hundreds of choices to choose from within the click of your finger online. The other day I search for men's wedding bands and found over 10 pages of e-commerce stores clamoring for my business. We're not offering any easy solutions were just stating that the ring dilemma has taken on new properties with Vietnam to tungsten rings combined with the fact that there are so many different ways of purchasing now considering the online application. One might wonder what the solution is that instead of focusing on the problem let's look at it positively-a beautiful and dynamic new ring category encompassed combined with the option of shopping from your home in your pajamas rather than fighting the crowds at the mall. Pretty workable dilemma in our opinion.

Mens Wedding Rings - see the J220T below. 

7th Dec 2012

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