​The Truth about Tungsten versus Titanium Wedding Rings

Learn More About Tungsten Vs Titanium Rings

Titanium and tungsten are the most popular contemporary metals used in men’s wedding bands. The modern styling of these bands is the reason behind their popularity. Even though both tungsten and titanium are wonderful choices for men’s bands, the following pros and cons of each will help you choose the best one.

The TT100M pictured above has the best of both worlds. The base metal is tungsten, known for its durability and scratch-resistant properties and the middle of the ring is brushed titanium - also highly scratch-resistant but far lighter in weight.


The manufacturer, craftsmanship and quality are factors that determine the final price of a titanium or tungsten men’s band. Both of these contemporary metals are reasonably priced with their prices being fairly comparable. When it comes to price, neither one of them has an advantage over the other.

For example - the K121M as shown above is made with titanium but the exact same ring with KOA wood inlay (no seams anywhere on the wood) can be made in either tungsten of black ceramic! These modern, contemporary rings have a look and a pizzazz unique to the alternative ring market and they are priced far less than gold, platinum or palladium. 

Strength and Durability

Compared to precious metals, both these contemporary metal types are tough and possess a high level of strength. When it comes to men’s bands, toughness, strength and durability are the most sought after qualities as men’s bands are likely to be exposed to rough and tough conditions.

When it comes to strength and toughness, titanium and tungsten are quite comparable but tungsten may have a slight edge over titanium when it comes to durability. Also, tungsten has been endorsed by many jewelers as the hardest and most durable metal around.

Scratch and Crack Resistance

If you desire a men’s band that manages to maintain its shine for a long period of time then durability of the metal is what you need to look for. A metal which is durable will be able to resist scratches. Daily tasks can cause your wedding band to wear and tear; both tungsten and titanium due to their scratch resistant nature allow you to be free of this concern.

When comparing these two for scratch resistance, tungsten comes on top due to its hard nature. The unique quality of Tungsten is that it manages to maintain its polish for decades. However, if you’re looking for a scratch resistant men’s band both these metals are equally good. On the other hand, titanium takes home the trophy when it comes to crack resistance as its unique composition makes it resistant to cracks.


The personal preference of the wearer is what usually dictates the weight of the band but if you’re looking for a lightweight wedding ring, then titanium is what you need. However, the composition, accents and size will determine the total weight of the wedding piece. The best way to figure out the size and weight of the ring for comparison is to try it on; window shopping is not recommended.


The craftsmanship, artisan-ship if you will,  of both tungsten and titanium wedding bands determine their final look and in many instances their final price. Their similar appearance is what confuses most people when shopping for a tungsten or titanium band. Basically when it comes to aesthetics, there is not much difference between these two similar metals.

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment. If you’re looking for a contemporary metal men’s band then the above comparison between tungsten and titanium will help you choose the right one. 

From time to time we are asked of all the rings we carry and there are many hundreds, which one is our favorite or which one sells the best? The M740FS pictured above is not just one of our favorites - it is the favorite of those customers wishing to spend around a thousand dollars for their men's  band. 

We hope that you found our tungsten vs titanium wedding band guide useful!

22nd Apr 2015

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