The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wedding Items for Those Who Are Bad at Shopping!

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wedding Items for Those Who Are Bad at Shopping!

No wedding is complete without the exchange of rings. The band symbolizes love and commitment. The circular shape represents the everlasting bond between the two people who have vowed to be together till death does them part. That is why much thought goes into the choice of the wedding ring. However, when it comes to making the actual purchase, women tend to put in more effort than men.

Men usually dislike shopping, and most men are unaccustomed to wearing jewelry. A combination of the two can render one incapable of making the hard decisions in the face of numerous choices. Men also do not like spending much time when buying things for themselves. However, buying a wedding band is not something that you can do while in a rush. It takes much thought and consideration.

You must carry out ample research to find the ring that you would proudly wear and display for the rest of your life. If the lack of shopping skills leaving you confused or a little overwhelmed, here are a few essentials that you need to keep in mind to get it right!

Go for the right fit

If you have never accessorized with jewelry before, getting used to the band will require some time. You may even feel some discomfort at first. Buying a well-fitted ring is thus crucial to your level of comfort. If it is too loose, you risk losing it while soaping your hands or while doing some manual work. On the other hand, if the ring is too tight, it might disrupt the blood flow to the finger and make you feel uncomfortable. Before ordering a ring, make sure you get the exact circumference of your finger. It is always better to have a gap of one or two millimeters between the wedding ring and your finger so that it fits even if you put on some weight.

Pay attention to the width

The width of the band will varydepending on the design. The traditional rings are about 6mm-10mm in diameter, but you can also find slimmer rings in modern designs. Also, more width means it requires more precious metals in the making, which means the ring will be more expensive. You need to choose something that not only suits your taste but also fits your budget.

Pick the material wisely

Platinum, gold, and silver are some of the traditional choices when it comes to band material. You may also find variations in precious metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and palladium. Each has a distinctive color and texture, and a distinct price point too. You need to decide what kind of money you would be willing to spend on your band and choose the precious metal accordingly. Before selecting the material, you need to find out if you are allergic to any particular metal or element. If you are, you can go for hypoallergenic alternatives that are widely available in the market.

Do not ignore the texture and finish

Different designs call for varying finishes, and there is plenty of choices in that as well. One type is the shiny polished finish, which is the most common, and it also adds a glittering effect to the ring. A more subtle choice is the matte finish, which has much lower reflective properties and gives an understated look to the ring. Some people choose a combination of glossy and matte, with some portions polished to high smoothness and the other parts with a dulled finish. Finally, another unique choice is the hammered look. The ring would look as if a small hammer has been used to flatten parts of the metal, giving it a layered and textured look.

Think about the engraving

The wedding band holds much sentimental and romantic value, and you can make it extra special by getting it engraved with a personal message. Some men go the extra mile by giving the wedding band their unique touch. They might engrave their wife's name or her initials, or a combination of their names or initials, or a song lyric that they both like, or a quote that they both find meaningful. You must remember that this romantic gesture may cost you more money. Also, you cannot exchange or return a ring after engraving. So, it needs to be a well thought out decision.

The final touches

When you have thought about all these factors and are ready to make the purchase, you would need to find the right store. If you do not plan on hopping from one store to another, you can opt for online shopping. This way, you can browse through hundreds of options sitting in the comfort of your home, and you can also get the ring customized, engraved and delivered to your doorstep. Thanks to the growing e-commerce sector, numerous online sellers such as found their place on the web today. You can carry out extensive comparisons before purchase to find the best deal.

Reputed jewelry sellers have been conducting business online and providing men's bands of the highest quality for over a decade now. You will find handmade and customized rings that manufacturers create as per your suggestions or desires. Aside from the traditional precious metals, you may also get bands made of some unusual raw materials such as dinosaur bones, antlers, and wood. You can also check out KOA wood and meteorite. Some vendors offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Since online shopping does not give you the option to touch and feel the product you are thinking of purchasing, sellers often provide 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive after purchase, you can exchange it for a different one. Finally, if you are lucky, you may also stumble upon an online jewelry store that offers free shipping and delivery.

Whether you go to a store or purchase online , you must give enough time and effort on the choice of your men’s wedding band.

25th Aug 2020

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